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Hot deals for Chikuyotei (InterContinental Singapore)

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Omakase Course in December 2014!

01 Dec 2014 - 31 Dec 2014
Omakase Course
Chef recommendation course with seasonal food.

Lunch $78++/ person (6 to 7 items including dessert)
Dinner $178++/ person (8 to 9 items including dessert)

Terms & Conditions:
1. Valid for the whole month of December 2014.
2. Valid daily.
3. Available for both Lunch & Dinner.

Syuko Course with the choice of Sake Pairing!

10 Nov 2014 - 10 Feb 2015
SYUKO COURSE @ $78++/ pax (with option of Sake Pairing)
Enjoy our special Chikuyotei - Syuko Course, which can pair with our special selection of sake.
Syuko 7 Course Omakase (Chef's Daily Special)- consists of 7 Dishes (Main Dish & Dessert will not be included in the course, but can be ordered separately)

Our special sake pairing course lets you enjoy 3 or 5 different kinds of sake:
A. $130++/ pax ( includes Syuko Course + 3 different kind of Sake by glass)
Sake you will enjoy include:
1. Kirinoto Junmai Ginjo
2. Matsunoi Daiginjo
3. Meguro Gorosuke Junmai Daiginjo

B. $150++/ pax ( includes Syuko Course + 5 different kind of Sake by glass)
Sake you will enjoy include:
1. Yukikura Daiginjo Sparkling or Yukiiro Sparkling
2. Tsunan Junmai
3. Kirinoto Junmai Ginjo
4. Matsunoi Daiginjo
5. Meguro Gorosuke Junmai Daiginjo