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  • Syuko Course with the choice of Sake Pairing!

    10 Nov 2014 - 10 Feb 2015

    SYUKO COURSE @ $78++/ pax (with option of Sake Pairing)
    Enjoy our special Chikuyotei - Syuko Course, which can pair with our special selection of sake.
    Syuko 7 Course Omakase (Chef's Daily Special)- consists of 7 Dishes (Main Dish & Dessert will not be included in the course, but can be ordered separately)

    Our special sake pairing course lets you enjoy 3 or 5 different kinds of sake:
    A. $130++/ pax ( includes Syuko Course + 3 different kind of Sake by glass)
    Sake you will enjoy include:
    1. Kirinoto Junmai Ginjo
    2. Matsunoi Daiginjo
    3. Meguro Gorosuke Junmai Daiginjo

    B. $150++/ pax ( includes Syuko Course + 5 different kind of Sake by glass)
    Sake you will enjoy include:
    1. Yukikura Daiginjo Sparkling or Yukiiro Sparkling
    2. Tsunan Junmai
    3. Kirinoto Junmai Ginjo
    4. Matsunoi Daiginjo
    5. Meguro Gorosuke Junmai Daiginjo

    06 Nov 2014 - 06 Nov 2014

    Experience a 8 -9 course Premium Japanese cuisine by Chikuyotei (Singapore) Executive Chef Maetomo, paired with the award0winning sake, TENGUMAI, from Ishikawa prefecture.

    Pairing Tengumai Sake include:
    - Tengumai Junmai Umajun
    - Tengumai Yamahai Jikomi Junmai
    - Tengumai Junmai Daiginjyo 50
    - Tengumai Yamahai Junmai Daiginjyo

    Date: 6 November 2014, Thursday, 6.30pm

    Venue: Chikuyotei (Intercontinental Hotel Singapore, S(188966))

    Usual Price: $280++/ Person
    Special Price: $250++/ Person
  • Kagoshima & Singapore Food Fair ~ Feast of Taste and Art

    16 Oct 2014 - 16 Nov 2014

    During this promotional period, Chef Maetomo and the invited Chef, Mr. Amakawa, from Kagoshima Japan, will be making collaboration menus!

    Chef Amakawa, born in Kita Kyushu area in Japan, has 17 years of career in French cuisine. He has won several awards at several Food contests such as Toque-Doll cook-off, MLA Food & Cook contest in Kyusyu.

    Special Menu during the Kagoshima & Singapore Food Fair:
    Kagoshima Wagyu Beef - Kagoshima Wagyu Beef cattle are raised with the utmost care in Kagoshima, Japan's most famous Wagyu Beef cattle production site. The meat has a beautiful marbled texture and has a rich taste. As a high-grade ingredient, it is earned high praise from professional supplier of meat.

    Amberjack - Kagoshima has the largest production volume of Amberjack in Japan! Amberjack has been aqua-cultured in Kagoshima Bay since around 1990. It is known as a high-quality sashimi material. The secret of the delicious taste is the modest flavor of fat and the goodness of the aftertaste.

    An-nou potato (Sweet potato) - Kagoshima is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in Japan, of which is best represented by the Anno-imo, known for its distinctive sweetness. It is sold as a premium sweet potato in almost any department stores in Japan.
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