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Hoongy !
 • 15 May 2014 1871 reviews 257 followers
Chikuyotei is a casual dining Japanese restaurant that offers quality ingredients in a no-frills dining environment.

At a recent visit, I decided to go with their specialty, the Unagi Course ($198).

The meal started with a palette opener of sour giant octopus tentacle suction pads with a thick sweet sauce finish.

This was followed by a giant clam soup. This was wonderful as the clam was juicy wiht a good burst of seawater flavour.

The sashimi course followed with amaebi (sweet prawn), red snapper and slightly seared tuna with fresh wasabi.

This was followed by half an unagi (eel) which was lightly cooked before a huge bowl of a full unagi (two layers of eel) and rice, which is bound to fill up even the biggest of eaters.

Dessert was a Japanese rock melon.

I also ordered a Tenderloin Yoganyaki ($78), a fatty piece of Kagoshima wagyu cooked on hot stone.

For those who do not like eel, there are other courses available, such as the Tempura Course ($108), which comes with cooked fish, sashimi and the premium giant Japanese prawn as the main show.

Overall, expect quality fare in a casual dining environment.

I spent $235 per person.

I also recommend this place for:
Dinner, Large Groups
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