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super love

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 10

i love this yummy ban mian. it was always my favorite since i came here in singapore! The meat has been boiled and mixed well that the taste mixed well with the soup!

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Best dry meehoonkway

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

I've tried dry meehoonkway from City Plaza, Far East Plaza & Beauty World Centre, but still the best is this, China Whampoa Homemade Noodles.   Meehoonkway Personally I am not a banmian or noodle-soup kinda person so I only order the dry meehoonkway, I have to highlight that this review is based on their dry meehoonkway only. Anyway it comes with the soup at the side which is SUPER flavourful and sweet too.   Condiments The owners are extremely generous with the condiments which made the whole experience better! Their chilli is very spicy, so if it's your first time trying, it will be better to tell them less chilli, and request for chilli seperately, so you can add it in yourself   Phone Orders They even take up phone orders, so all you have to do is dial, order and collect. My boyfriend and I are very "gao cheh" customers, we will request for extra this and lesser of that but so far, they have never once messed up our orders, which is very impressive :p   Ambience I have given only 3 stars for the ambience because it's a coffee shop, can't expect much out of it right?   Time Frame/ Waiting Time So far, my experiences with my orders during the weekend take up 30-45mins, weekday is about 10-15mins. They open at 7am and their meehoonkway is always sold out roughly about 11-11:30am.    Service If you caught the stall owners at their grumpy/rude moment (which I haven't), it isn't always like that, probably just a bad day for them.   My standard Order Dry Meehoonkway takeaway (comes with 2-3 prawns) + Abalone Slices + Meatball + Vegetables Less OR No Chilli Chilli packets   $6.50/packet Normal order is good enough but my bf and I are 120kg so we need extra :D

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Shiok Shiok Homemade Noodles!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 296

Detailed review:

China Whampoa Homemade Noodles located at Blk 91 Whampoa Drive Market & Food Centre specialises in homemade (handmade) noodles. This stall is well known as it has been featured on several TV programmes related to food. 

I visited China Whampoa Homemade Noodles on a Saturday morning. I was surprised that there was no queue at this stall. The reason was because they customers were told to find a table nearby and come back at a certain time (e.g. half an hour later) to collect their bowl of noodles. 

They serve a variety of noodles such as Ban Mee and You Mian. In addition, these were available with prawns, abalone clams, sliced fish, pig's kidney or even with abalone! 

I ordered a bowl of Abalone Clams Hand Made You Mian $4 and had to wait for slightly less than half an hour before I could collect my order. 

The Abalone Clams Hand Made You Mian was delicious! It consisted of abalone clams, vegetable, minced meat and ikan bilis. The homemade noodles (you mian) was springy, soft and flavourful! It tasted slightly different from the other homemade noodles stall and seems to be accompanied by a hint of sweetness.    The soup was refreshing. It was robust, sweet and not salty. One unique ingredient which was used was the  mani cai 马尼菜(aka sweet leaf). This was an essential ingredient as it provides a natural sweetness to the soup. 

The homemade chilli paste was slightly sweet with a extremely spicy after taste. Despite the spiciness, it was just so shiok (addictive) that I continually dipped the minced meat into it or just add some to each spoonful of noodles. By the end of this meal, I nearly finished all the chilli paste and found myself with swollen lips (just like Angelina Jolie's  bee stung lips - s***) haha..  You have been warned! 

Notice the containers of chilli paste? They started selling the chilli paste to customers after receiving feedback.    Service wise, it was impressive as the owner was attentive and polite. He never once snap at customers when some kept asking if their food was ready. In addition, when I wanted to pack some back home, he voluntarily offered to put the soup in another separate takeaway bag. Not all hawkers does this! Kudos to him.    Overall, China Whampoa Homemade Noodles serves one of the best bowl of homemade noodles in Singapore. Both China Whampoa Homemade Noodles and Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle 文尼城市面粉粿 are uncanny similar to each other. And maybe that is why I also rated Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle as one of the best! 
Detailed review:

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Its a Singapore Ban Mian Stall...& a Great One Too!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 33

Featured in various TV Food Programs & Food Blogs. Its hugh reputation definitely didn't disappoint me. I had the Dry Version of the Noodle...and I was in ecstasy the moment I had my first bite. I HAVE FOUND A VERY GOOD BAN MIAN STALL! They are generous with their ingredients and the dark sauce they used was tasty and not too salty. Perfect. Soup, which come with the noodle with full of ikan bilis aroma. This make me wanna come back for their soup version. Definitely One of Top Ban Mian I have had so far.

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Not worth the wait

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Since this is an Editor's choice, I made my way on a hot Saturday afternoon to try China Whampoa.  We waited 45 minutes.  The stallowner got really grouchy from the many orders, which is rather surprising, as he should be used to it by now.

Anyways, the noodles were ready and we tucked in.  The serving was small, with generous amount of vegetable and 3 fresh succulent prawns.  The soup was not to my taste.  It had a strong fishy-prawny taste, and was rather flat and bland.  Nothing special about the noodles or small amount of minced pork and ikan billis.  The chilli paste was very spicy, and does not really go well with the noodles.

Overall, disappointing.

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