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Peanut Loy
 • 04 Sep 2013 33 reviews 12 followers
Featured in various TV Food Programs & Food Blogs. Its hugh reputation definitely didn't disappoint me. I had the Dry Version of the Noodle...and I was in ecstasy the moment I had my first bite. I HAVE FOUND A VERY GOOD BAN MIAN STALL! They are generous with their ingredients and the dark sauce they used was tasty and not too salty. Perfect. Soup, which come with the noodle with full of ikan bilis aroma. This make me wanna come back for their soup version. Definitely One of Top Ban Mian I have had so far.

I spent $5 per person.

Must tries: Dry Ban Mian

I also recommend this place for:
Breakfast, Cheap Eat/Budget, Lunch
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