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 • 18 Mar 2014 1 review 0 follower
I've tried dry meehoonkway from City Plaza, Far East Plaza & Beauty World Centre, but still the best is this, China Whampoa Homemade Noodles.
Personally I am not a banmian or noodle-soup kinda person so I only order the dry meehoonkway, I have to highlight that this review is based on their dry meehoonkway only. Anyway it comes with the soup at the side which is SUPER flavourful and sweet too.
The owners are extremely generous with the condiments which made the whole experience better! Their chilli is very spicy, so if it's your first time trying, it will be better to tell them less chilli, and request for chilli seperately, so you can add it in yourself
Phone Orders
They even take up phone orders, so all you have to do is dial, order and collect. My boyfriend and I are very "gao cheh" customers, we will request for extra this and lesser of that but so far, they have never once messed up our orders, which is very impressive :p
I have given only 3 stars for the ambience because it's a coffee shop, can't expect much out of it right?
Time Frame/ Waiting Time
So far, my experiences with my orders during the weekend take up 30-45mins, weekday is about 10-15mins. They open at 7am and their meehoonkway is always sold out roughly about 11-11:30am. 
If you caught the stall owners at their grumpy/rude moment (which I haven't), it isn't always like that, probably just a bad day for them.
My standard Order
Dry Meehoonkway takeaway (comes with 2-3 prawns)
+ Abalone Slices
+ Meatball
+ Vegetables
Less OR No Chilli
Chilli packets
Normal order is good enough but my bf and I are 120kg so we need extra :D

I spent $7 per person.

Must tries: Dry Meehoonkway

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