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Wendy’s is an American fast food chain famous for its square hamburger patties, the restaurant also offers unique sides like baked potatoes and chili.

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Rich and delicious Portugese chicken rice
Rich and delicious Portugese chicken rice
Chicken curry thick beehoon yum
Chicken curry thick beehoon yum
Imperial honey chicken rice
Imperial honey chicken rice
Fish head curry!
Fish head curry!
Garlic french beans
Garlic french beans
  • Chicken Curry Thick Beehoon 1 vote
  • Chicken Rice 1 vote
  • Curry Fish Head 1 vote
  • Sambal Sweet Potato Leaf 1 vote
  • grouper fish skin 1 vote

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Good Chicken Rice and Value for Money!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

4 of us had the sweet and sour Tofu, fried grouper fish skin and 1 x whole white chicken with rice and 4 drinks. Amounted to around 60 which was around 15 per pax

Ambience/setting was excellent and the place had a rustic feel to it. It's not very often you can find reasonable chicken rice with good service at slightly above food court prices. Actually, i felt that the set was very cheap. 6 bucks for oyster veggie, soup, chicken rice.

I thought the service was excellent for a chicken rice place although it might be a little biased as it wasn't that crowded. The server (old man) was very attentive and compared to some eateries where one would wonder where the sauce tray was when the food was served, the server promptly brought us the sauce tray. I usually get peeved when i have to find it myself so major thumbs up here. Server was attentive to other guests as well and when i noticed that he would constantly assure customers that the food was otw and he did this with a smile. He would also run to the counter to take the tray to speed up service. Cleaning aunty was also very friendly. She said thank you after even clearing our plates!

Now for their food. I felt that the menu was extremely innovative. Obviously the owner has tried to spice up things a little instead of your usual chicken rice, the menu had loads of goodies from curry chicken, various prawn dishes, grouper porridge and even some mini chicken dishes which came with rice. They even had bubble tea, desserts and lots of other goodies. As we waited for our food, we saw what others around us ordered and these looked very very tummy. I was interested by the "Fried Grouper Skin" which i thought would taste good since grouper skin was well lovely.

When the chicken came, it was very well presented. Being quite picky with white chicken, i would say that the white chicken was slightly above average. Nothing that special but the breast meat part was very satisfying. Juicy and tender. Chilli sauce was very full and you can see that Chuen Chuen has not stooped to cheap diluted chilli. But the chilli could have been a tad spicier though but thats probably just me. Rice came with a yellow tinge and at first look you will think that the rice would definitely be out of this world but upon eating it, it's slight above average only.

The Fried Grouper skin came slightly later but we could appreciate this as good food always needs waiting. We could hear the skin being fried while we were eating and waited patiently. The fried grouper skin tasted real good with what i think was egg beat with hae bi and some sugar thing. Crispy, addictive and very tasty. Only thing was not all of the skin was in similar levels of crispiness.

The sweet and sour thai tofu was a bummer here. 4 of us almost couldnt finish it. It was a d*** big portion for $15! Sauce was average but this tofu was definitely good value for money!

Now coming to the beverage, we had iced milk teas and warm milk tea. The iced milked tea was cute and it came in a jar shaped glass cup. Couldnt tell if it was nice because i had the hot milk tea. Hot milk tea wasnt hot enough for me and it meant the condensed milk didnt fully dissolve.

Overall, this place is definitely a good place to have a decent plate of good tasting chicken rice. Im not too sure about the lunch time crowd but very good service/ambience during off peak hours. Good place to bring tourists as the place is clean and well maintained with aircon and at the same time does justice to local chicken rice!

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Lovely, silky chicken rice with many other bonus dishes

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 17

This chicken rice place is my FAVOURITE in Singapore. Like seriously, I think the quality of chicken can totally compare to the likes of Boon Tong Kee and Five Star – its plump, succulent and tasty. The rice might be a bit on the oily side, but still, very delicious.

Their other chicken variations are pretty good too – I like the curry chicken thick beehoon with its rich, spicy coconut milky goodness, but the usual steamed chicken kway teow or noodles are alright too, quite light – find the noodle version slightly bland though, but this might be a bit biased because I usually like rich and flavourful food.

And strangely enough, this place also does pretty good zi char dishes! They offer awesome dishes like fish head curry, imperial honey chicken, prawn paste chicken, sambal sweet potato leaf, crabmeat beancurd and more – all of these I tried and found to be very good, and in fairly generous portions too.

The Portugese style chicken rice is also amazing – tender fried chicken cutlets smothered in a rich yellow sauce. And for the health conscious, they also have the usual range of porridges as well as fish soup with rice or beehoon.

And one of the highlights of this place is the mango smoothie with milk, that’s thick, creamy and full of mango flavour.

Good stuff! Will probably come up to about $5 to $20 per pax, depending on what you order. Service is alright but they do tend to get busy at times and it's pretty much self service during such periods. At least the staff are quite friendly though. Anyway I feel that at such casual eateries with their affordable prices, you don't really need that much service - having good food is more important!

Adapted from a post about food in Bugis on my blog, Ingredients Of Happiness: http://bit.ly/IOH_FoodinBugis.

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Chicken meat with Assam fishhead

Total Reviews: 316

One never know this is acceptable combination of having chicken rice mixed with assam gravy. As I had tasted before with chicken rice mixed with japanese curry, it was very unpleasant. So it was a very surprisingly taste i got to eat with at this restaurant, my first time to have dinner at.

The chicken meat tender and tasty, but the rice wasn't as tasty to my expectation. However, there are other side dishes, like assam fishhead and smelly beans with sambal chilli, and fried toufu. Overall, they have nice delicious dishes. This shop is quite newly opened, as I remember it was used to be a steamboat.

Do remember to bring cash, as they do not accept credit card. The lady boss is friendly and humor to serve us as a big group.

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