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Club Street Social

This restaurant and bar whips up an Italian-inspired menu of bar bites such as Italian tuna tramezzini and offers a handful of cocktails and wines.

Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 22:30

Sat: 09:00 - 22:30

Sun: 09:00 - 21:00

+65 62255043
$34 based on 35 submissions
Lunch (7 votes), Brunch (6 votes), Chillout (6 votes)
combat wombat


Love the decor of the place - the high ceilings lend added sophistication to the NY-inspired setting. Dark wood shelves, Carrera marble bar top counter and beautiful fonts (I have a weakness for establishments who give attention to this detail) give the place a certain charisma and maturity even though it really is a casual joint perfect for a date or for a tête-à-tête with the girlfriends. Lots of arty beautiful people types were there during lunch hour.

Italian-inspired sandwiches take centrestage - think panini, crostini and tramezzini. I had the pan-seared lobster, avocado, yuzu mayo panini ($28) which was very good. The dressing was bold enough for the generous chunks of lobster and made for the perfect lunch. Next up I know I'll be trying the grilled ribeye with caramelized garlic and fontina cheese panini, or the duck confit, roast portobello and thyme panini. And a cocktail.

Overall a great addition to Club Street - I only wish it were closer to my office.

Definitely a new resto worth trying. Really pleased with this find.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • panini5 votes
  • scrambled eggs5 votes
  • Truffled Egg Toast3 votes
  • coffees2 votes
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Based on 35 votes
09 Nov 2014 • 27 reviews • 0 follower

Good service

Nice food - excellent service. Makes a real change in singapore to have friendly, smiley service.
11 Jul 2014 • 316 reviews • 86 followers

Only yummy soup is good enough

I don't know what to order, by looking at the menu.  The only words that I understand what is it, was the soup.

Next, after my friend has ordered the main course.  I went to order, with the word - scramble egg in the menu.  

When our food were being served, the pasta wasn't pleasing to me.  It is because  I don't like to eat small and short and fat pasta.
19 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Bad customer service

we went there to celebrate a friend'a birthday. Ordered 2 bottles of wine and a few dishes and a few appetizers. 
We brought a slice of cake and wanted to celebate my friend's birthday, however the 'Operations manager' approached us and said that 'outside food is not allowed. We can light the candle but not eat the cake. Also we should have asked his permission before we bring out the slice of cake as he is the Operations Manager!' This is ridiculous as its the first time a restaurant has rejected such request and it's not as if we did not order any food! Even if no outside food was allowed, I feel that he should not have used his rank as operations manager and that we should have asked for his permission! This is unacceptable customer service! Bad attitude!

28 Dec 2013 • 78 reviews • 0 follower

Good place for scrambled eggs!
For a full review with pictures and a detailed write-up! :)
03 Dec 2013 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Disappointing food

Went to have brunch last Sunday, the place is pretty deserted on a Sunday morning. Only 2 solo customers were in there when we arrived.

We were a large group of 7 people, the service were impeccable in that they get us a table immediately by politely asking one of the solo customer to shift table. I was impressed, initally, until the food comes out.

The food was horrendous, badly presented, and overpriced. I myself ordered the french toast, which is basically 2 dried, buttery, bread with pathetic filling (scrambled egg and a thin slice of ham). Presentation wise, zero points. Taste wise, minus 20 points. Price: $14. Suddenly, I yearn for my Macdonald big breakfast.

If i every go back again, it would be for the nice ambience and their good looking chef. But I would probably just order a drink, nothing else