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Review for Cold Stone Creamery (Orchard Central)


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12 Jul 2013 • 246 Reviews • 1 Follower

punk-my-ice american ice-cream joint

hotos and more: 

this place is kinda cute – you pick a flavor (or a few) of ice cream, choose some toppings from their diabetically-inducing large spread of throw-ins, and then they smash everything up together on a cold stone (oh, hey, that’s where it gets it’s name) before smooshing the mess for your dining pleasure.

    it’s very american ice-creamy, by which I mean its sweetness is more ben-&-jerry’s than häagen-dazs (which is american in provenance, but european in sugaring), with shades that match the technicolored dreams of a hyperactive child. the sheer range of flavors and add-ins are truly impressive – and can get rather confusing, which makes the long queue almost fortuitous in giving you time to decide.
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After Work, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Birthdays, Boys Night Out
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