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The Cornerstone

Lying admist the tropical greenery of Bishan Park is this casual 160-seater bistro with outdoor tables along the corridor, indoor seatings and private rooms. The Cornerstone offers a comprehensive children's menu, homemade pastas, finger food and mains.

Daily: 12:00 - 22:30

+65 65547230
$24 based on 34 submissions
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (9 votes), After Work (6 votes), Children/Family (4 votes)

Really nice desserts

See the full review with pictures here.   The spam fries were sort of weird. They weren’t really salty and for some bizarre reason, they were battered. I’ve had spam fries at both Park and Relish and both of them leveraged on the superior power of spam to produce crispy skin. Why would anyone batter spam to make spam chips??   The deep fried calamari came in this extremely tiny serving and was only $2  less than the grilled Hokkaido squid which was tender and perfectly charred. Definitely order this and not the calamari, which was over cooked and whose batter masks the taste.   I had the spaghetti bolognese, which has a really rich bolognese sauce that is not that tomato-ey. Rather similar to the real deal in Italy, although they use a less complex blend of meats. Still, commendable, and one of the best I’ve had in Singapore.   The grilled cod was served on a banana leaf and was really tasty. It’s a pretty small fillet though, good for one person. They use regular cod you can get from the market though, not black cod/sablefish so the skin doesn’t crisp up like in japanese restaurants.   The two pudding platter consists of a bread & butter pudding and a hazelnut pudding. I liked this least out of the 3 types of desserts that we ordered. The hazelnut pudding in particular is pretty carb-y. If you like some savoury in your desserts the bread and butter pudding is for you.   I really liked this chocolate lava cake. Below the piping hot crust is a pool of liquid chocolate batter that is rather dark and not too sweet. It’s pretty large so 2 people can share it. In fact the same can be said for most of the desserts here.   This is the cake that G booked us a table at this restaurant for. We shared 3 of this inbetween us. I really like the sugar wafer and the earl grey mousse was so creamy and amazing. This is a must try if you are a fan of tea flavoured desserts (or even just chocolate desserts). The plating is so pretty too.   One of the most notable things about this restaurant is that there is a huge mirror right above the patissiere’s table just so diners can watch as she crafts and plates the desserts. That’s a rather novel concept and works far better at whetting the appetite than any appetizers/amuse bouches/aperitifs I’ve had. It makes you ensure that you leave enough room for dessert when you order!

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10 Jan 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Hurt by broken glasses but no concern shown by staff!

Had a gathering on Friday night & a tempered glass on top of the table shattered. 3 of us were cut by the shattered glass but instead of showing concern, staff tried to blame us for causing the shatter. Luckily a patron next to us witnessed & confirmed that the glass shattered on its own. Such uncaring & poor customer service & food was just above average only!
19 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

dessert not as good as before

Know the food is not great and is overpriced. But fell in love with the desserts.  Now even the dessert is stale.  :-(
06 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Flat beer and stale taste

Every beer drinker should know the different taste between good cold beer like carlsberg, heineken, hoegarden or erdinger etc...we ordered a jug of draught heineken beer after dinner. After drinking one sip, we all knew the beer has gone flat with wierd taste and spoke politely to the manager and feedback. She mentioned that they had abandon the old barrel of beer and changed to a new barrel in the afternoon and offered to change to a jug of erdinger instead and top up the price of $7 which we agreed.    After the first erdinger jug, we wanted another jug but she informed us that their heineken beer has no problem and if we wanted to order another jug of erdinger we would need to top addition money again $3 more again which we find it ridiculous.

The staff whom tasted a sip earlier agreed their heineken barrel has some issue yet the manager whom did not taste denied the problem and insisted its our (4 persons) taste buds problem. So we just pay and walk over to canopy next door. Its not the price but the service required as a consumer.
28 Jul 2014 • 1 review • 12 followers

poor service and food

Dont ever go to cornerstone at bishan park. I tried the chicken once and it is v dry. Today i went down at 1115..after getting seated i had to get the menu myself and water as there was no response for 15 hr later at 1215 they tell me they ran out of breakfast. So we tried to order lunch and yet they still ran out of the lunch items

Try Canopy next door instead. It is way better in terms of food quality and service.
$15 for this box of calamari.
05 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Do Not Try.

I paid $15 dollars for a box of calamaries to take home and shocked to find less than 20 small pieces of them that could not even fill the base of the box. A look at it and my whole family agreed it is some left over from other eat in customers. Not only is the quantity not matching the price, it tastes like left over too.I had been to CornerStone many times to try their buffaloes wings, but they can never get the spicy level correct. It is a real disappointment.