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#B2-13/22, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, 238896
Beer, European, Italian, Western, Wines
+65 62386400

Daily: 11:00 - 23:00

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Serving up Italian favourites with a touch of luxury, Covelli gives authentic Italian cuisine a new twist with its wide range of thin-crust pizzas and pastas, meats, desserts and more.

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Absolutely delicious food

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 4
Total Reviews: 43

First visit to Covelli after seeing there is a promotion with the SIA boarding pass. Really a pleasant surprise as the ambience is cosy (would definitely bring my date there), relaxing music and the most delicious food. Quality of ingredients used is excellent, fresh and sauce compliments the food perfectly. They don't serve complimentary water, you could order a 500ml bottle for $1.50. We had the crabcakes, charcoal lobster and grilled barramundi, crayfish pasta, orange delight and tiramisu. Other than the tiramisu, we enjoyed all of them. Service is good and fast. The restaurant is not to come across and not many people know its location but the food is worth coming back for. I hope they remain open.

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Impressive service

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Reviews: 78

The service at Covelli is top-notch! Staff were polite from the very minute we entered the restaurant. They were attentive and topped-up our glasses of iced water quickly. What's more, they decided that the bf and I had a longer than usual wait for our food and offered us complementary dessert on their own accord. I have to stress that we did not mention anything about the wait to any of the staff at all (we were happily playing Candy Crush and Plant vs Zombies 2). It's this kind of personalized service that differentiates Covelli from other restaurants.

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Good food, service and ambience

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

An overall good experience. Good food in a nice presentation. Good service. Tables are not too close to one another unlike many restaurants which try to pack as many tables as possible to maximize profits. I will gladly return and pay normal price (used Groupon for this meal).

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Modish setting and attentive wait staff deserve a return

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 55

For a full story coverage and pcitures, please visit: am greeted by a friendly serving staff who led me into the restaurant that comes with an alley, separating the main dining area and a more private meal room joining the bar area. My table sits privately along the stone-featured wall, bathed in mood lighting with a dazzling but modest chandelier above. I rest comfortably on the padded chair, feeling the velvet seat cover on my skin. The male server who attends to my area was alert and ready though I wish having someone staring at me round the clock at a distance. Having said, I still appreciate his presence around me.I was smitten by the creamed stock  with artichoke and eggplant finishing. The spoonful of crab cheese cream inject a delicate touch. The addition of the black truffle oil perfumed the soup with a bit more fragrant while the croutons gave a crusty bites that awakened the jaw muscle cells. The tuna carpaccio was far from my expectation yet the lime sorbet excites me greatly. The kamquat oil creates a light acidity which helps to mask the fishy taste in the paper-thin sliced tuna. The meat taste uniquely different from the usual tuna sashimi I had in any reputable Japanese restaurant – if you get my point. The dish has loads of zing in it, if not for the tuna.With only 2 options in the main, we ordered both for exploration. The pork is braised in root beer until it becomes wobbly. This resulted in a moist and shattered meat. The lean portion is seen clad in between thick jellied fats that allows an almost creamy texture. Excellent eaten in small bites but to wolf down 2 massive slab like that was clearly a challenge – for a lady. The spinach gnocchi (in Pork dish) and calamari ink spatzel (in fish dish) was identical in texture. Both tasted rubbery and sterile. I remember mopping up flavorful gravy of coq au vin with the spatzel at db Bistro Moderne but not here. The dish didn’t allow me as it was served dry and so, the glutenous morsels remained flavorless except its faint cheesy elements. I guess they exist to fill the empty gastric cavity.If you insist asking what the Pan-seared Nile Perch resembles, it will be a home-cooked dish which my mum used to whip up every dinner. The deep fried fish was the least unusual to any taste buds. The crackling fish skin helps accentuate joy in eating the seemingly humble dish. I liked the fish for its freshness and appreciate the sea-urchin mango flavoured mousse for that gentle shake on my shoulder.The Italian feast didn’t rock my palate, but it ended with a sweet note. I had expected it to taste earthy and raw, but was impressed by its fabulous end result. Visit: for more coverage.

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