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Located at Upper Thomson Road, Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar specialises in healthy gourmet Australian Pizzas.

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Great food, ambience, service, fairly good value, excellent family dining establishment

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Review: 1

The ambience in the restauraunt was wonderful, peaceful and quiet but not solemn.
My family and I, (total 4 pax)ordered the Prosciutto ham pizza and mixed potatoes basket. The mixed potatoes tasted really sweet, didn't really suit our buds but those with a sweet tooth will enjoy it. The pizza was wonderful, the strong savoury taste of the Ham coupled with the pungent aged cheese and robust pizza base sauce made for a delicious symphony in the mouth.
 I would especially like to commend their service. It was my dad's birthday and we asked if there was anything that they could offer for such an occassion. This tall indian gentleman, Salah(I hope i spelt it correctly) was eager to offer us his service and did so with a wonderful attitude.

Highly recommend this place for a relaxed dining experience with good attitude.

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Warm pizza & tasteless truffle wedges

Food/Drink 3| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 2
Total Review: 1

looking at the high review I decided to dine in last Friday and I was very disappointed! 
dont get me wrong, the pizza actually tasted good! but if it was given hot enough to! The pizza comes in 8 slices and as you work up to the 2nd slice, the pizza is not even warm, it's at room temperature . No matter how tasty the pizza is, having it at room temperature for next 3 slices definitely doesn't bring the taste out and it has gone wasted specially the last 2 pieces turned stale. 
We we also ordered the truffle wedgeswhich has zero truffle taste at all moreover the wedges is soggy upon served. They complimented it with a serving of Thai sweet chili( I'm a fan! ) so that sorta bring Some taste to it. 
one more thing that agitated me, we went in around 7, got my pizza ordered around 715pm and the table next to me came in around 7.40ish, guess what! Our pizza came at the same time At 8.10pm.
apart from that I've asked for plates and cutleries twice and the waiter acknowledge that with a nod ( maybe its not me that he nodded to?) and yet still no plates so I'll just help myself with the plate next to my table. 
Note: all these happened while there were only 2 tables that are occupied indoor and 3 tables occupied outdoor with 2-3 staffs around. 

I was hoping a lot more than that given it is a supposingly good and famous pizza joint. I heard 1-2 good reviews from my friends too, maybe the food gets inconsistent which I feel that it should be looked into. 

Don't know should I come back for a second try but I really love the combination of the pizzas tho! Smtg very special. 

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Had a bad experience, but willing to give another try.

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 2| Service 4
Total Review: 1

Update 2014-02-12: Crust called me following my bad experience below to find out what happened and asked me for a second chance. I accepted their offer, and am appreciative that they made a telephone call to follow up with me. Kudos to their customer service. However still, to any cafe/eatery , be responsible to your food~! People eat it.  

Previous Review:
I ordered delivery for a White Prosciutto as it won the "2006 Best Use of Cheese National Award". I also ordered a caear on the side. The price was pricey, much more than Canadian Pizza round the corner but me and my wife was like, let's try.

The pizza arrived 45 minutes later and it was lukewarm. However, when the box was opened, it wasn't the pungent freshness of cheese and ingredients that greeted us. It was stale. You know stale-ness when you smell it and see it, especially when we had experience running a cafe.

We ate it anyways. Half hour later, we didn't feel well and my wife vomited.

I'm not so bordered by the high-er price, but the least I expect is the food to be fresh and safe.

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Great Pizzas

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Review: 1

Just popped by with a few friends on their 'free-flow pizza' day (wednesday) - great pizzas, great service, great value.

Their offer is - buy any beer and get free-flowing pizzas from 1900-2100.

The pizzas come in varying flavours, my favourite being the Szechuan Chilli Prawn Pizza.
Also noticed that their ingredients include lots of vegetables and stuff on the healthier side - tomatos, green capsicums, spanish onions and even yoghurt to name a few. Interesting, healthy, and extremely tasty. The dough for the base is a good match as well, not too thin and slightly chewy, especially at the crusts. Service was great as well, a very friendly boss.

All in all, definitely one of the places to consider for serious gourmet pizza, and a good time.

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