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Review for Da Luca Italian Restaurant


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01 Aug 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Bad service

Double standard service. You get no service if you don't order wine, or a full course meal. We were served by 1 particular filipino guy on all 3 visits, seems like a senior as he was bossing the other waiters around and likes to be "friendly" with caucasian customers instead of serving plates like the others. Once we came in and sat on a table he pointed us but the table was not set yet, no cutleries whatsoever. We had to get his attention a few times to set the table or even to refill the water. Sometimes water refill doesn't come even after we got his attention. Weird, as he seems to be so attentive with caucasian customers, kept topping up their drinks without any commands.

It's a no brainer that main courses have to arrive at the same time. Mine was late, and maybe forgotten cause others have almost finished their food and mine wasn't even on the table yet. He eyed our table a few times looking at my empty space but no effort of updating me about my food. Tried to get his attention but he kept walking away from our table (???) Finally when my food came, everyone already finished their food, no apology was made. I mean, if I dont want service, I might as well eat in food courts.

Tbh the food is not bad that's why I came here 3 times thinking it'll be different from my first experience but to no avail. So if you want a good service here, make sure you order a full course meal and maybe bring your caucasian friend. 
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$50 for 1 pax
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