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#01-30/31, Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street, 237995
Asian, Beer, Korean, Wines
+65 62356787

Daily: 17:00 - 01:00

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Half price dinner buffet

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For more information, please go to http://nainaigrandma.blogspot.sg/2013/01/review-damotory-korean-wine-house.html 

Bought their deal online for $24.90 for dinner buffet. I really like the design of the restaurant. It has both indoor and outdoor seats. The indoor seats are separated into tatami seats and the normal wooden benches. If the weather permits, one should try sitting outside at night. It will be really quite unique to sit on tatami out in the open air under the starry night. However, being the very typical Singaporean, "Aiya, the weather very hot la" cross our minds and we choose the indoor seats.
Food-wise, they have quite a variety that are included in the buffet. We can order anything that is $20 and below. However, they missed the most important element in a buffet. DRINKS! and water is not complimentary.

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Damotory Jung Winehouse at Robertson Quay -- My worst korean restaurant experience in Singapore

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service N/A
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Full review: http://purpledayz-nada.blogspot.sg/2014/04/damotory-jung-winehouse-at-robertson.html

It was printed on the voucher that beverages are not included. I respect that.

At point of making our first order, we asked the crew (a Korean) the following, in exact words:

"Can the tea be refilled?"

(nametag: Yong Jin(YJ)): "once." (with a hand sign "1")

The issue - Payment
 We r on voucher and so the only payment required were our beverage.

The bill came, to our horror, a good $44++ for 3 tea flask and 1 makgoli. We were charged for 4 tea refill (we only had 3 tea refill) and 1 makgoli.

 We asked the crew why are we charged for refills since we were told that we have one free refill per flask.

She insisted they do not provide free refill. I told her what the first crew(YJ) told us and there were 4 of us present and we all heard the same thing. She went to check and came back to say the same thing. She said there is no way YJ would told us that.

 I said, then I want to speak to YJ. And she said YJ had left for the day.

 I told her, that was what we heard at point of order. so if she wants to charge the additional refill, please charge it to YJ for all I care.

10min later she came back to say they called YJ and he said he didn't tell us that. At this point in time, I have became annoyed. You are wasting my time. Why are u using up my time to verify my words? Do u really think it is because we don't want to pay for our food?

 I asked to speak to manager and a Korean lady came.She repeated and insisted whatever the prev crew said. She said YJ is her assistant Manager and there is no way he would say that to us.

 And then, u know what. Fine, whatever. I do not wish to continue this conversation. We only had 3 refills so you canot charge us for 4 refills. We paid for the 3 refills and close the matter.

Open letter to Damotory
 Dear Damotory,

 I sincerely hope you see this.

 After thinking about it, I think it could have been a language barrier problem. In other words, YJ could have genuinely misunderstood our question and therefore his answer was not specific to our question. Therefore, he would not know that he just made us misunderstood the house policy.

 But for $12, you have just pushed a group of 9 customers out of your place. U have just sent them out making them look like unreasonable, dishonest and stingy. For your info, we all hold good jobs and can well afford.

 You have stepped on a part of me which I cannot accept people to step on. That is integrity. You are doubting my words. It was a matter of principle. It was my birthday and we were in a good mood. We will definitely pay for what we had to. If we had knew that refills are chargeable, we would probably still ordered refills and will still pay for them.But the case now is that,collectively we heard and understood it the same way.

 And you know what. Getting into this kind of conversation over 'tea refills' is senseless and so not cool. You spoilt my night.

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Ala-carte buffet came in oversized portions

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

I went last week with a friend for early bird ala-carte buffet without any deal voucher.

We ordered japchae (glass noodles) for a start, a pork dish and a bowl of soup. We expected that the waiter would serve a reasonable portion. We were totally wrong.

All dishes came in large portions and because we didn't want to waste food, we asked if we could exchange for a smaller portion. Nope. It seems like the portion given is standard whether it's just the two or ten of you.

Every 100g of food wasted would cost you $5 so obviously we had to down all that. We went for a variety of food but ended up with a full stomach filled with japchae, pork and soup only. I could not try the squid, the basic musthave pancake and others because we were simply too afraid what we'll get...

Definitely not recommended for couples/ pairs.

The quality of food and ambience are commendable for its price so you may still want to visit if you have a large group of you. Bewarned. They may just serve you in year end party portion even in that case :P

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