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#01-78, Stall #3, Blk 10 Ghim Moh Road, 270010
American, Australian, Western
$15 based on 31 submissions
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De Burg
De Burg
Crab with Salted Egg Yolk
Crab with Salted Egg Yolk
  • bacon cheeseburger 3 votes
  • DeBurg Burger 2 votes
  • Wagyu Deburg 2 votes
  • all their beef burgers 2 votes
  • Burgers 1 vote
  • Chicken Wings 1 vote
  • mushroom 1 vote
  • sausages 1 vote

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Psst.. Burgers are not fast food - Catchy

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2

Read a rather good review from a food blog and decided to give it a try.

Nestled at the coffeeshop, within one of the housing estates in Ghim Moh Road, you would never find this place unless you hear it from your friends or through reviews like this.

Had to wait for sometime, as there were pretty much orders on a Sat night, but liked the idea of them using a device that beeps to inform you that your order is ready, without having to hear them calling out your number/ order or always checking with them if its ready. ( follows the idea from cafes/joints from Aust/US)

Had the Aust Beef, with Portabella Mushroom and bacon, together with fries and salad on vinaigrette dressing, while hub had Pork burger with the same sides.

Portion was HUGE, the serving of fries and salad was more than enough.. and i would have to agree that "Burgers are not fast food"......

The beef with the portabella mushroom was so juicy, totally enjoyed the tenderness of the beef. You get a fair share of carbs with the bun, beef/pork/chicken burger and the fries, while on the other hand you also get your vitamins from the salad that comes with it.

Love my burger and though a little on the high price, beats your likes of Mac burgers.

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delightful find

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 36

Happened to be in the area. While walking around looking for food, I suddenly saw this place. I had been happy enough with a normal cheeseburger but then I saw the menu and saw the... CHOCO LAMB BURGER. WITH NUTELLA. So I just had to get it!

To be honest, lamb and chocolate is a kinda strange combination. But it works, though it makes the burger tastes more sweet than savory. I like the spicy red onion garnish that gives the whole thing a fresh twist. I don't think this burger is for everyone but adventurous eaters out there should definitely give it a try!

I'll be coming back to try the other burgers, De Burg!

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De Burg and asian chicken burger

Total Reviews: 8

we write here too.

There was something for everyone on the menu, from the beef eaters to the vegetarians, and even finger food for small-eaters or as fillers for growling tummies. A plus point for being located in a kopitiam, is the presence of a staple drinks stall which serves affordable alcohol, which makes for an ultimate beer-and-burger chow down experience.

I had the Asian chicken burger which was chicken patty with salted egg yolk, while the bf had its namesake, the De Burg burger, which was grilled AUS beef patty, with cheese, bacon and Portobello mushroom.

Being a non-beef eater, I had limited offerings to choose from, but they do have lamb burgers, which are also on par with their beef- in terms of limelight given. Nevertheless, I settled for chicken burger, partly because I was curious about the salted egg yolk , and partly because I still believe no one does a Portobello better than my Handburger.

My burger came and the first thing I noticed was how “un-chicken” it looked. Having eaten chicken burgers at other food joints, I always had my chicken in its original, unadulterated state, save for the glossy sheens of sauce, or the occasional grill marks on it. But this one, just unfortunately reminded me of MacDonald’s chicken, but thicker, darker and more visually appealing.

Taste wise, the salted egg yolk sauce did not disappoint. It complemented the chicken very well. Being slightly peppery, it added that savoury kick to the chicken. Coupled with lettuce and bun, that lethal combination was tasty enough to make me finish up the entire burger in 10 minutes. The meat was slightly tough though, and I noticed how densely packed the patty was. Although not juicy enough, it was the plenty-of-chicken-goodness-stuffed-into-one kind of patty, which left me feeling full and satisfied.

Honestly, I don’t know if I should go back. If I do, it would be for the blue crab burger, but if I don’t, it just means me putting the money into a more centralized establishment, which also serves up a storm with its burgers.

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The management of De Burg responded to this review:
07 Aug 2011
Dear Joy,

first and foremost, we would like to apologise for your experience over at De Burg (only managing to eat our Burgers on your second visit). As we are in a small outfit, our storage space is extremely precious, thus, not being able to load up on a lot of meat and friends. Moreover, we stress a lot on quality, and if we were to overstock in the chiller, the chances of cross-contamination is extremely high. We seek you kind understanding. Secondly, for your experience with the food (which weren't really up to your expectations).

Next, we thank you for your review. It is through reviews/comments like yours, that we are able to improve ourselves.

On behalf of the "smiley assembler man", we thank you again, and look forward to serving you and Paul, sometime soon (that is if you guys are in the West).

Here's wishing you a great day ahead.

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