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Eat @ Taipei (JCube)

EAT @ TAIPEI located in JCube embarks on a bold new dining concept, emulating the many fascinating characteristics of Taiwan's night markets.

Daily: 12:00 - 22:00

+65 66843032
$18 based on 50 submissions
Vibrant/Noisy (8 votes), Dinner (6 votes), Lunch (6 votes)
Esther Xie

Not bad

Ordered San Bei Ji - was not too bad., 

Yan Shu Ji - Good.  Milk Tea - Meh.    More:

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Sweet Potato Fries2 votes
  • Assorted Shaved Ice1 vote
  • Pork Belly Set Meal1 vote
  • Vermicelli with Oysters and Pig\'s Intestine1 vote
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25 Apr 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

worse food in J cube ! Don't waste your money there.

I rarely write food review but if I write it is either the worse or the best. 

For this review is definitely the former. 

We always pass by eat @ taipei several times. We said we must find a day to try it out. Today, I were there with hubby and we ordered 4 dishes,  mee sua, guan cai ban, fried oyster & black pepper odon and one black coffee. We spent SGD 49.20 in total. 
The mee sua is tasteless and cold. The guan cai ban also cold and we both don't like the taste.  Tge blavk pepper also taste bad and cold..... lastly only the fried oyster can be eaten but we did not finish it because it is too salty.  

Only the service can be praised a little, fast response for two of the requests. 

Conclusion is we wont be back. Nando next door is much better. 

09 Jan 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

really terrible food

This place has absolutely the worst fake taiwanese food in singapore and maybe the world. Dont eat there.
15 Sep 2013 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

If service and the quality of food is measured as s***, EAT's would undoubtedly be sewerage

Should there ever come a time when I want to ruin someone's dining experience, recommending the eat at taipai outlet at Raffles City is at the top of my list because I appreciate very much being sat down, opting for the buffet menu and then being told 19 minutes later that I have to make my last orders because the kitchen is closing.

Despite being the only group in your fine establishment last evening, one would expect the service attentiveness and response to equal that of having a stroke at the door step of a hospital's A&E department, instead I only got the arrest while your PRC staff continue to reach absurd levels on the latest Candy Crush game.

I believe tolerance is a permissive everyone should practice but when the final order came around, it was no better than enjoying delicious buns made from cardboard pieces or even cotton disguised as mutton. Also, when the dishes were literally thrown onto our table while serving, suddenly voluntarily consumption of contaminated pork doesn't sound so bad.

If service and the quality of food is measured as s***, eat at taipei's would undoubtedly be sewerage.

So while your management continues to promotes this unique standard for consumers to experience, my suggestion is to top it off with a complimentary pack of cigarettes because I like to have a smoke after getting f*****.

I take Lucky Menthols.
26 May 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Overpriced food, poor taste.

The restaurant is next to the ice skating rink, so you have something to keep you "entertained" while you eat. Unfortunately, I felt that the food was simply a waste of time and money. We ordered oyster omelette which resembled a tiny oyster and towgay egg prata but tasted worse. The spring roll was served cold and after taking one bite, you feel that it is such a chore to finish the rest of it. The herbal pork soup came in such a small bowl that my wife and I said "huh?" In unison when it was served.  Anything from Soupmaster would have tasted much better.
18 Apr 2013 • 54 reviews • 0 follower

Not bad

Ordered San Bei Ji - was not too bad., 

Yan Shu Ji - Good.  Milk Tea - Meh.    More:
The management of Eat @ Taipei responded to this review:
16 Jul 2013
Dear Esther Xie, thank you for your valued patronage. We are pleased to learn that the food items were met with satisfaction from you, in particular, the pan fried fish and yan shu ji. This is especially an achievement for us considering that you live in Pasir Ris and the quality of our food was enough reason for you to commute to our Jcube Branch. You might like to know that we have another two branches located in Raffles City and Chinatown Point respectively. We hope to see you again soon!