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#01-05, Gallery Hotel, 1 Nanson Road, 238909
$27 based on 38 submissions
Breakfast (9 votes), Brunch (8 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (7 votes) ...

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prawn aglio olio

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OK, would go again

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 30

I would go again but it is nothing to write home about.  It was hard to get the attention of any members of staff, but the drinks were fine.

Hard to be overenthusiastic, but not a bad experience by any means.  A nice looking bar with a fun, relaxed and open feel - if in the area I'd drop in again for sure.

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lovely place but horrible service, for brunch

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 4| Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

place is lovely, food ok but certainely not yummy and the service, horrible. its like the staff was despising us, looking bored, and superior etc.... my recommandation is to go there for happy hour cause lovely decoration

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Horrible service

Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Just went to eM by the river, 1 Nanson road, for lunch with my pregnant wife and her two friends. When we reached, we asked for a table in the cafe where it is shaded. However, the manager told us that we cannot sit there. Instead, we only have two choices, one table under the sun or a tall table with bar stools under the shade. We chose the latter and my PREGNANT wife had to climb up the bar stool. The cafe was never full at any point in time. However, when we left, we saw a Caucasian couple sitting in the cafe under the shade, the exact same seats that we asked for and told that it was not available! 

I went to question the manager and he said that the outdoor seating is full ,which obviously is not, so the Caucasian couple can sit inside. Preferential treatment? You decide. What I do know is that they didn't even bother to be flexible to cater to someone in need, like my pregnant wife.

If you search online, you will find many negative comments about the cafe. I am never going back there and hope to inform all my friends about the horrible service there.

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Atrocious Service! And food!. Well actually EVERYTHING!)

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 20

I do not know what happened to eM but seriously the breakfast is abysmal these days. I used to go there pretty often because I like the ambience, the croissant; the staff was chirpy and a pleasure to interact with. Just about an hour ago, I had my breakfast there. Honestly, you should go there and try the croissant now. If you do not find it disgusting, I salute you. It used to be fluffy and buttery and hot. Now? Its dry, tough, cold and STALE. The hot chocolate is cloyingly, overly sweet. The ratio felt like 4 parts milk, 5 parts sugar, 1 part cocoa. The omelette with cheese arrived overcooked. It was hard and lumpy. The worst part was the staff's attitude. Everybody was moody and made us felt like it was an offense to go there in the morning because we are making them walk more and do more work. Even the bill took ages to arrive. There wasn't even that many people (like 20%). I am trying to be very diplomatic here but if this goes on, I think very soon, everyone would come to know of how terrible eM is and the good reviews they have earned in the earlier days would be in vain.

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