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Empire State (Causeway Point)

Empire State is located at Iluma and blends American dishes with Asian influences. Choose from a wide variety of burgers, pastas, salads, ribs, milkshakes and desserts from its menu.

Daily: 11:30 - 23:00

+65 62387076
$22 based on 14 submissions

Early breakfast dining in

No other shop open at that time, so I went in to try their breakfast meal.  Not a bad choice that I have made.  Interesting posters & mechantize displaying almost everywhere within the open concept eatery.

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  • crab pasta1 vote
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huge burger meant for 4
17 Dec 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

food was disappointing

visited during dinner time. no queue and we were directed to the booth seats. ordered the huge burger. Def value for money but not worth the stomach space. The bun and bacon was soggy and the cheese was terrible. The buffalo wings had a weird smell. but it was a good place for hanging out with friends. The booth was comfortable. service was fast and polite
04 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Soggy Broccoli and Dry Mashed Potatoes

Came here once for lunch and I have to say I don't think will be back. Had the ribeye steak while my girlfriend had the chicken chop.

The steak was thin but cooked medium rate as requested. However, the broccoli that was served wth both dishes was soggy. it was like they had soaked it for a long while before cooking it. The mashed potato tasted artificial and dry. My girlfriend's choice of chicken was accompanied by fries, which should have been wedges as it was displayed on the menu. There was no effort made to tell us that they had run out of wedges. No apologies made. The chicken was accompanied by a strange oriental tasting prawn sauce. 

First time and definitely, last time going to this restaurant. 
13 Jul 2014 • 316 reviews • 86 followers

Early breakfast dining in

No other shop open at that time, so I went in to try their breakfast meal.  Not a bad choice that I have made.  Interesting posters & mechantize displaying almost everywhere within the open concept eatery.
13 May 2014 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

bad food and service

I order corn dogs and fish and chips. Total disappointment. Corn dogs came super late and the looked like 'you tiao'. It was burnt and a total mess. Fish and chips were slightly smelly and the fries were cold. The entire dish was just oily and unappetising. The staff kept pouring cutlery in this tray which was in the dining area. Was really annoying and it was surprising that it was done by one of the superiors.
06 Jul 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Over rated

Saturday 6th July 2013 Lunch

I wanted to have good american food today so I suggested Empire State for lunch with my family gathering.

It was the worst decision I have made and since this is my first visit I am considering it as my last visit. I have ordered a Steak and fries and to be done in medium well.

2 orders came in early which is the ribs and the herb chicken. The chicken looks very hot with flames which I am suspecting chef microwave was the trick behind it well perhaps I was wrong.

My steak came and as I slice it I can feel it was quite tight. As I slice open I knew the beef was not medium well but well done. I knew the reason why as a medium well beef was placed on a hotplate so by the time it reaches my table it has become well done. So it means their chef is not a chef nor was a cook it was just a human to cook at certain temperature and time but forgetting the whole process which lead to the food change.

I told one of their staff that I have ordered medium well instead of well done but the staff insist it was medium well not well done. He went back to kitchen and came back, without muthering a word he wanted to take the hotplate away. I stopped him asking why? He just mentioned he will change for me. So their staff without even explaining the temperature of my steak will also never explain why he want to take away the hot plate.

I think Empire State is over rated, my wife's ordered of beef sandwich was the worst ever we had. So what was wrong? Basically, the people there has no passion in service and in the food they served.

Never going to this place again, even a hawker can do a medium well steak probably. I have attached the colour of medium well steak and the colour of the steak I have ordered.