#02-10/K10, Causeway Point, 1 Woodlands Square, 738099
American, Asian, Snacks, Western
+65 62387076

Daily: 11:30 - 23:00

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Empire State is located at Iluma and blends American dishes with Asian influences. Choose from a wide variety of burgers, pastas, salads, ribs, milkshakes and desserts from its menu.

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great food

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recently I am into this cheese baked food. thus the moment I saw this on the menu, I ordered it! the pasta is cooked just nice and I like the texture of it! in addition, it came with salmon which is nicely grilled and the meat is very tender. in addition, to me the salmon is very fresh and I finished all of it! the prawns are my favorites especially with the melted cheese on it! they tasted just right! I will return to the restaurant again soon! forget to add on, they have really friendly staffs to asssit the patrons!

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Empire State Review

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
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After shopping in causeway point at around 6.30pm, was looking for a place to eat. This is the peak period for all people to qeue at restaurant for seats. Swensen had long qeue, however Empire state does not have any qeue. Feeling tired to search, decided to give Empire State a try. The servers were busy moving around, and there is no one to attend to the customers waiting to be seated. We had to call out to one of the staff before they notice us. We were being guided to our seats and given menu to choose from. I am a beef lover, so i saw this beef sandwich inside the menu. The sauce itself looks very tempting from the looks. When food is served and i ate it, everything tasted too ordinary and would say that it hit the bare minimum standard. They charge money for ice water, so i am fine with it. However, i finish my whole sandwich and my ice water is not up. Even after i ask for the bill, the ice water is charged within bill , but not served to me. Ask about my experience to eat there again, would be a "no". For those who loves big portion meal that is very filling, can still try them out at Empire State. They are pretty much like new york new york, in terms of their food style.

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Great Value Lunch Set

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Located at the second level of the shopping centre, there is this western restaurant which opens fairly early at 10.30am, one of the rare restaurants which opens at this timing. What attracts the family to this restaurant is that there is a playground next to the restaurant. At this unearthly hour, the adults can easily enjoy their food, while keeping an eye on the little ones in the playground. As for us, little JJ has quite a fun time in the playground before the food arrives. The dining area is quite big too. We take a table by the comfy benches. The servings of the food is quite big and served quite fast. As you have Entertainer mobile application, there is 1-for-1 main promotion.

Empire State BBQ Pork Ribs ($17.90)
Tender pork ribs rubbed with its signature spice seasoning and flavoured with its homemade BBQ sauce. Served with fries and mesclun salad.
The rib is very tender and tear easily from the bones. Juicy and strongly flavourful.

Grilled Salmon With Thermidor Sauce ($17.90)
Salmon grilled the way you like with a thermidor sauce and served with mashed potato and buttered vegetables.
The mashed potato is quite flavourful. The salmon is quite chunky although I feel that it is a bit overcooked.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio ($12.90)
Spaghetti with large portions of bacon slices, mushrooms, freshly chopped garlic, olive and chili flakes.
This dish is offered at $8.50 nett as a Student & Senior Citizen Specials. The pasta is well flavoured and tastes quite good with a slightly spicy taste. Topup $1 for a cup of cappuccino  which is nicely served in a clear cup.

Overall the food is great. Service is great too with friendly staffs although a bit blur about the promotions the restaurant is having. I am surprised that the restaurant is not crowded although next door is packed.

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