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Reviews for Etna Italian Restaurant (Duxton Road)


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Yuting Pang

Fantastic food, ambience and service

I had dinner at Etna with a friend, and it was a very enjoyable dining experience.

We were warmly welcomed by a staff named Margherita, and her service throughout was fantastic. The restaurant is good for romantic dates, as it's generally quiet and the tables are not placed closely together. I love the ambience here—nice and cosy with dim warm lighting.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we were served complimentary warm fluffy bread. Dip it in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, then nom it! It's good!

Soon after our Etna Pizze and Pasta Vongole were served. We enjoyed both  dishes tremendously. Etna pizza is one of the better pizzas I've tasted. Pasta vongole was well done as well. Spaghetti was al dente, and we could taste the white wine and juice from the clams coated on the pasta.

We had Pistachio Tiramisu for dessert. It was pretty average to me as I've had better tiramisu at other Italian restaruants, so I would suggest you skip it.

Overall, we had a fantastic dinner! Thank you Margherita for the hospitality. I'll be sure to return again.
02 Feb 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

attentive service and fine food

this is our first time to etna italian.  it has a friendly environment with attentive service.  their food is of absolute finest quality.  love esp the desserts!  highly recommend panna cotta!  we had very pleasant dinning experience on a family sunday, we will definitely come back!  :)
18 Jan 2015 • 401 reviews • 3 followers

Colorful and tasteful Italian dishes

Etna is a semi-fine dining restaurant that serves authentic Italian food with a lovely Sicilian touch - food that combines colors and flavors expertly. Besides the wide selection of food items on its gastronomical menu, Etna has an extensive wine list as well, so one can be assured that there is a right wine to go with every course you select.

One of the amuse bouche we had was the Pizza Crust filled with Truffle and Mascarpone Cheese - one look at the burnt crust and the crackling texture leaves nothing to one's imagination. The interior was oozing deliciously with melted cheese, with strong musky aroma of the truffle defining the taste of the Schiacciata dish.

For appetisers, we had the Fresh Burrata Cheese from Andria with 36 months S. Daniele Ham, served with Rocket Salad and Pachino Cherry Tomatoes. Burrata, meaning "buttered" in Italian, is fresh cheese made with cream, hence the Burrata Cheese was rich, with sticky texture and a very light flavor to it. The curd was soft, but chewy, subtly creamy and luscious. The ham was succulent and a fine complement its smoother, sweeter counterpart (the cheese).

For mains, we tried the Linguine with Crab meat in Lobster Sauce - the linguine was suitably moistened and had a definite texture to it. I believe I need not describe the luxurious sweetness of lobster, so imagine its effect on the linguine. They used crab meat and also soft shell crab for the pasta, giving new meaning to the word "palatable". I have no doubt that this would be my choice when I return to the restaurant again.

As for the dessert, we had the Bronte Pistachio Tiramisu, it is so special because it does not contain coffee. The dense, moist texture of this soft pastry enables the cake to simply disintegrate in the mouth beautifully. The authentic pistachio paste came all the way from Sicily, Italy, literally - indulgent in its richness with that very slight hint of "grassy" flavor that pistachio contains. This tiramisu is easy on the eyes and tongue; I can see why it is also easily one of the restaurant's signatures.

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17 Jan 2015 • 723 reviews • 85 followers

Delicious food, great service.

Many restaurants, including those in hotels can learn from Etna about food and service. We enjoyed a lovely lunch yesterday. Food: Burata n salmon is a must, Italian ham n large olives as an appetiser are also must eat. Desserts of pistachio tiramiau n lemon tart should not be missed. Value: Reasonably priced for the quality. Service: Very good

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