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 • 24 Apr 2014 29 reviews 0 follower
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I ordered the Lasagna Alla Bolognese @ SGD 24 ++, even though it wasn't the staff recommendation. There was too little bolognese and bechamel sauce! At my favourite pasta place Pasta Fresca, the ratio is almost 50:50, ; a spoonful of lasagna has sauce oozing out! You can't tell where the sauce ends and the pasta begins! That's my definition of a perfect lasagne. But Etna's take was a drier version: the ratio felt more like 20-30% meat sauce : 70-80% pasta sheets. Too much pasta that it didnt really taste like Lasagna that I'm used to. In the end I started scraping out the sauces and putting it with some pasta on my own to fulfil my desired ratio. Die-hard ok.

Burrata Cheese with Parma Ham @ SGD 32 ++ was a little too creamy to the point of being cloying and the tomatoes couldn't rival those at Valentino's. They have superstar cherry tomatoes at Valentino's and I regret not asking where they were from. But still a decent dish if you have a small portion, so remember to share!

Etna, So-so Pasta and Pizza.
ood-fired (there was a huge furnace like oven) Etna pizza @ SGD 26 with parma ham, porcini mushrooms, cream cheese and pistachio. For a dish with it's name of it, I was expecting much more. But it kind of fell flat in the face of my expectations. Not to say that it wasn't decent, but I didnt get much enjoyment from eating it over cheaper takeway options like Sarpino's or even Skinny Pizza.

I spent $43 per person.

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