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 • 11 Feb 2014 1 review 0 follower
Dine there tonight with my wife and kids. First impression of the place and service is ok. The waiter seated us and ordered taken without much delay. Unfortunately my good experience will end here.

When my pasta dish arrived, it was the wrong dish all together. No apology offered for the mistake. I accepted the wrong dish out of goodwill (which i only have myself to blame). After i have finished my pasta, my wife's main is still no where to be seen. She had to wait for almost another 20mins before the chef's special pork belly arrived. To my surprise, it's not even hot! The pork skin is rubbery and meat is under seasoned. After eating mush of the dish, she realised that the center portion of the pork is under cooked so we show it to the manager. The manager took the remaining dish away without any word and there comes the bill. Any self respecting person would have apologize or offer a replacement. When i asked why i'm billed full amount for the sub quality dish, he answered "you have eaten all the mushrooms and potatoes and left 4-5 pieces of meat, what do you expect me to do..."

I regretted visiting this restaurant today with my family. It is not worth to pay for food that is not well prepared and unprofessional service ettitude.

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