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96B Club Street, 069464
Beer, Fusion, Western, Wines
+65 68846884
+65 84185995

Mon - Wed: 17:00 - 01:00

Thu - Sat: 17:00 - 03:00

Closed: Sun

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$29 based on 9 submissions
After Work (8 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (8 votes), Birthdays (5 votes) ...

Local celebrity Irene Ang's new rooftop bistro is located at the 4th storey of the Yeung Ching Foundation along Club Street, serving a variety of western fusion dishes, finger food, beers and cocktails.

What others are eating here

  • Auntie Angs Chicken Wings 6 votes
  • Mac & Cheese 3 votes
  • Auntie Ang's Belachan 1 vote
  • Bangers & Mash 1 vote
  • Chef's Special 1 vote
  • Chicken Soup 1 vote
  • Chilli Crab Fries 1 vote
  • Luncheon Meat Fries 1 vote
  • Popcorn Chicken 1 vote

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Nice place to chill after work or simply with a bunch of friends

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 40

To get a chance to see celebrities, you may want to try your luck at FRY Bistro. Food here is pretty commendable. Read more at: 

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Come for the view, not the food

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

The location on the fourth-floor rooftop is the only thing going for this place. With such a small space, the servers shouldn't have any problem covering the tables, yet I had to flag them down multiple times to take our orders, ask for refills, and grab the check. The food here is Club-Street priced, so too much for what you're getting. It saddens me to say that for the same price, I've had better food in the area.
Our group had one of the specials, waffle-cut fries with kimchi bulgogi. The fries were crispy, but the ratio of meat was too low and generally the portion wasn't too small for $18. I think there were 10-12 fries in there.
I can't remember the exact entree I had, but it was some kind of Korean-style mac 'n cheese, maybe kimchi pork belly or something similar. This special set me back $24 and was so underwhelming. The mixture was much too heavy, the cheese too liquidy rather than creamy, and again, not enough meat in the ratio.
Lastly, please bring out the dishes together or at least ask us how we want it served. One friend ordered a salad entree and it came out first. We sat around awkwardly for 10-15 minutes as she waited for our mac 'n cheese to arrive so we could eat together.

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Can't get enough of the belachan

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

I cannot get enough Auntie Ang’s wings served together with the spicy Belachan sauce. It is a definite must try. The wings are fried perfectly. The skin is fried till it’s golden brown, extra  crispy and delicious. The meat inside of the chicken is extremely juicy. Paired together with the belachan sauce, this dish is the ultimate combo.

I’ve actually gone down to club street just to ‘tao bao’ the wings and belachan before heading home just to satisfy the craving.

The Chef’s special of the day is another definite must eat. The chef special changes every day, depending on the mood of the cheft.                                                              

Some examples of the chef special are

·         Curry Vege with tau kwa, tau pok with fish filling, fish balls, cabbage, carrots and brinjal, served with white rice.

·         Yong Tau Foo served with Fragrance white rice and Auntie Ang's Belachan

·         braised pork belly with tau kwa, tau Pok and egg with stir fried vegetables

·         Fry ' s fried fish soup with rice

·         Chilli Crab Penne Pasta

·         Yu Foo Mian served with Auntie Ang's Belachan

·         Stir Fried Luncheon meat and Cabbage Bee hoon served with Auntie Ang's Belachan

·         Chicken Noodle Soup


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