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Reviews for Fang Yuan Satay

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29 Mar 2010 • 436 reviews • 32 followers

This stall still provides grated pineapple with the peanut dip

This is a Chinese satay stall that still provides grated pineapple with the peanut gravy, although sometimes they forget, so you have to ask for it. The peanut is quite finely grounded, resulting in a smooth paste. The gravy could be more flavorful, but the consistency is just right – not too thick or too thin, and is still sufficiently chunky when mixed with pineapple.

 Pork, chicken and mutton are available here. The marinade has a good sweet-savoury balance, and the aroma of coriander seed stands out. Although all three meats are tender to the bite, they lack succulence. This is due to the use of leaner cuts of meat. If you like your satay with less fat, this might appeal to you.

-- Julia Khoo
19 Jul 2009 • 1 review • 0 follower


Fang Yuan Satay is The Best Satay i Ever had in My Life The Satay is Best and The Best!!!