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Katherine Zeng

Good Experience

Were there with some colleagues on 220911 at 1330hrs.

Great soups... soup of the day... Mushroom Soup!

Good Main Courses...Prawn Pasta, Fish&Chips...Caujun Grilled Chicken!

Excellent Dessert!Molten Chocolate cake with oozing sauce!

Nice Imported Rootbeer to go with...

Try it to Experience it...

HGW states split shift operating hrs..while Namecard wrote full day hours.

After checking with them, Full menu items are only available during lunch hours 12-2.30pm and dinner 6-10pm. "in-between hours" serves only drinks and desserts.

3 person, 1 bottled root beer each, 1 soup each, 1 main course each and 1 dessert to share... cost abt $104 after service charge; (no GST as yet then)

tips abt location... Paya lebar MRT station take buses towards tanjong katong area,

around 4-5 stops but bus drive must passed a Caltex station then you alight and must cross the overhead bridge.

Personal experience that I dropped 1 bus stop earlier.

16 Feb 2012 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Figos Grail - Disappointed

My Vietnamese friends like "Aunty Lucy" so we decided to have our Valentine's Day lunch at Figos after watching and reading about the good reviews from Magazine, Online and TV.

First we have to show ourselves to our seat even though there were only 2 diner when we entered the restaurant. We waited for the menu ... and one by one the set meal promotion being dished to us ....

We decided not to go for the set meals as we would like alcoholic beverage - cocktail but when placing our order we were told the cocktails are not avaliable ( very sure it is not indicated on the menu ).

Service was extremely slow on that day and we were told that they paced the appetitisers (Ordered soup and Crabcake) and our main but seriously I think the pacing was ridiculously long. At that time the place had only 5 diners (incldg us).

Billing came which we waited forever (The place then had only 7 diners, turnaround of 2 initial diners ) and we were told we weren't entitled 15% discount using UOB card for the Salmon we ordered as advertised because Valentine's Day is a Public Holiday .. Seriously??? Come on !!! I did not want to reason with them as I had overseas guest with me. We would appreciate if told when we placed the order. I feel very cheated !!!

Any better Management would have throw in dessert or charge us set meal which items do make up a set as we did not get to order our cocktail for the endless wait (The Management knows that we were upset for the wait). In any case, our total bill came out to be S$133 ++ (excluding take aways) for the following - which reviewed and totally not worth the money and time spent. S$40+ for lunch WITHOUT dessert/ alcoholic drink :

1) 3 mushroom soup - nice & creamy but believed have left on the shelf for too long and a thin film forms on top of the soup (this is despite we waited for quite a while for them to be served after our crabcake)

2) 1 crabcake - the oil overpowered the sweetness or freshness of the seafood. Only tasted OIL.

3) 1 chongqing fried rice - this is the most burnt fried rice I have ever tasted perhaps it was supposed to be that way. My friend ordered 2 to go 'coz I told her this is the restaurant signature dish. I was embarressed by the taste so I had to pick up the tab.

4) 1 salmon - fresh !

5) 1 cajun chicken - Was too hungry from the long wait that I devoured without tasting.

6) 1 ribeye steak - Pink and the only dish that makes sense and thus the price.

7) 2 orange juice

8) 1 mocktail

Seriously Aunty Lucy we are disappointed with the service even though the management did apologies that one of the service staff was supposed to turn up but did not. Despite that lame excuse, the place had only 7 diners including 2 which just had their starters when we asked for our bill. For the price we paid it was way overpriced !!! So we and our friends will not have good reviews of your restaurant as we are very disappointed with the Management that day. Nope I will not advise any of my friends to your restaurant unless they love to queue when there is no line in the first place. And we purposely took a cab that afternoon to your restaurant to show our support I am totally embarressed !!!

  • Crabcake - Oil too overpowering
17 Jan 2012 • 167 reviews • 13 followers


Pictures here

A new travel themed restaurant, Figo's Grail  made it's way along the stretch extensive dining options along Tanjong Katong road. It all started when local celebrity/DJ Dennis Chew fell in love with the Cajun Chicken Chop at Figo's Grail, which then was a humble western food stall at the Katong Student Hostel. Together with several other investors, Figo's Grail  a restaurant serving cuisines inspired by the owners various travels all over world was established opposite the road, sandwiched between Pasta Fresca & Bruno's Pizzeria.

Opting for a simple and quick dinner, I opted to share two of Figo's Grail signatures with my dining partner, namely their signature Cajun Chicken Chop and Chongqing Brown Fried Rice with Chicken & Shrimp after browsing through numerous reviews and recommendations.

Cajun Chicken Chop ($13.90+)

The chicken chop came in the form of a tenderized chicken thigh marinated in Cajun seasoning then smoked and char-grilled upon order. The chicken had a nice and smoky flavor, while the meat inside probably wasn't as moist/tender/succulent as I had expected, turning out rather dry probably due to the meat being tenderized before grilling. Nonetheless the Cajun seasoning made it rather tasty, while the shallot mashed potatoes served alongside were forgettable.Overall I felt that this dish was rather overpriced as for the same quality and quantity, a western food stall in a hawker center would probably as good a job for half the price, or even Astons.

Chongqing Brown Fried Rice with Chicken & Shrimp ($12.90+)

Every grain of brown rice possessed an elusive aroma and savory flavor, making it the winning dish of the night. Not a single grain of the dish was overly soggy or overly charred, along with the generous pieces of chunks of chicken that were sadly a tad dry and two Individually Quick Frozen Prawns, which I personally feel they could be more generous with. But overall the Fried Rice was rather excellently executed, probably once of the best i've tasted yet.

Some hits, some misses,but their signature Chongqing Brown Fried Rice with Chicken & Shrimp  definitely saved the day. Service could be more attentive, where my glass of water wasn't refilled throughout the meal, rendering the lack of intiative.

Verdict: 6/10. I'm still left unsure if a return visit would be viable, but if it does really occur, the hongqing Brown Fried Rice with Chicken & Shrimp would solely be the compelling factor.

13 Nov 2011 • 238 reviews • 10 followers

eastside dinner

Visited on a Friday night, made reservations prior. This place was not hard to find as its signboard can be seen from across the street.

We had mushroom soup and Hawaii seafood cake for starters, and for mains, we had Figos chicken chop, Chong Qing fried brown rice and Aussie fish and chips. And for desserts, we ordered the Molten Chocolate cake.

The seafood cake was cute but rather small. A bit dry on its inside though. The mango salsa I liked and it was cut into such tiny eeny cubes that it was such a teaser to the tastebud. Mushroom soup, hahaa, some reaction from other customer was kind of hilarious when they first saw the plate.

Next, we attacked the fried rice like there was no tomorrow. Or rather, I attacked the fried rice...was hungry, what to do? The fried brown rice, all of us liked it. A tad oily, but tasty. Just wished the portion is slightly more. The chicken chop has moreish portion, nice juicy tender meat and well-marinated equates to a yums. I spied one of my friends (girl) eating the meat with the skin. There goes health consciousness when temptation is abound. Mashed potato with shallots was nice but nothing spectacular here.

By 830pm, the place was packed. Hence, do make a reservation to avoid disappointment. The noise level in the restaurant can get quite loud at times, hence not the place for intimate conversation. Maybe it was because everyone ordered at almost the same time, hence our last main course, the fish and chips only managed to come to our table much later, after waiting for some 20-25 minutes for it.

The fish and chips was served piping hot, and its batter was crispy but too thick. The fish flesh disintegrated pretty fast. The sweet mayonaise/tartar sauce was nice.

The dessert is a favourite. Oozing with chocolate, it was polished off in no time.

Service was friendly and mostly functional. We also got 10% off our final bill without us even asking for it. That was a nice gesture.

For more pictures, you may wish to visit here.

  • molten chocolate cake
The management of Figos Grail responded to this review:
13 Nov 2011
Hi Cherlyn and friends,

Thank you for your kind support of FigosGrail.

We are really sorry that the fish and chips took longer than expected as there was a problem with the batter mix on the night and we took some time to redo all the orders of Fish and Chips for the night.

Thank you for being really patient with us as indeed like you said, it was a packed Friday night and we were really trying hard to make sure service and food standards are up to the mark.

We are also glad that you particularly liked our Signature Cajun Chicken Chop, ChonqQing Fried Brown Rice and Molten Chocolate Cake dessert and hope to see you and your friends again in the near future.

Please do come back soon for the Figos experience!

Best regards,

Kit on behalf of the Figos Team

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