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Back to Five & Dime Eatery297 River Valley Road
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Top Must Try Dishes
mentaiko pasta14 votes
Fish & Chip4 votes
Mac & Cheese4 votes
Buttermilk Pancakes3 votes
salmon rocket3 votes

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Suitable For
Brunch27 votes
Breakfast15 votes
After Work14 votes
Dinner14 votes
Chillout13 votes
Lunch13 votes
Quiet11 votes
Romance/First Dates10 votes
Anniversary6 votes
Girls Night Out6 votes
Children/Family5 votes
Hidden Find5 votes
Relaxed5 votes
Birthdays4 votes
People Watching3 votes
Supper3 votes
Vibrant/Noisy3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • 18 Sep 2014 1 review 0 follower
It's a really small dining place. Probably less than 10 tables?
Do make RESERVATION beforehand. 
We went around 2pm and the place was packed.

FOOD was nice. 
We ordered a Spinach Tamago, a Big Brekkie, a side/appetizer that consists of salmon and a Matcha Latte.
The Salmon was really very nice! but it came with lots of vege.
Spinach Tamago -
It's Japanese sweet egg omelette with lots of spinach inside it.
It came with a little bowl of fruits, cubes of potato, a handful of salad, and a slice of bread. A really balanced fill.
The potatoes were fried with a very little pinch of spice.
I'm not a bread lover but the bread was really soft and fluffy.
Big Brekkie -
It came with Scrambled Eggs, Bacons, Beans, and Sauteed Mushrooms.
The eggs were more to sweet kind than salty.
The bacons were very crispy.
I love the mushrooms!
Oh ya. and the Matcha Latte is nice too! :) 

SERVICE fast and friendly. 
The servers came with smiles and politeness. and we didn't need to wait very long for the food despite the place was packed. The servers were attentive and refill our ice water as and when it's low.

Just one thing... the place was rather noisy. Maybe cos of the space is small and confined. You can hear everyone voices.

For the food and the service, i think the price was worth it. :) 

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I spent $30 per person.

Must tries: Matcha latte, salmon rocket

I also recommend this place for:
I added 3 photos
  • Ice Matcha Latte
  • Spinach Tamago
  • Side/Appetizer - Salmon

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 • 03 Sep 2014 2 reviews 0 follower
Decoration is lovely for sure and the place could be a great place for brunch if the food was good...and the service efficient. i had no plerasure at all eating my plateand even taught I could do best at home which is so unpleasant while going out for brunch. the poached eggs were full of water, not enough bread, useless lilltle fruit salad. Had to wait so long for extra bread and the fresh orange juice was very pricy considered the fact that there was more ice than brief, coudl do best
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I spent $34 per person.

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 • 27 Aug 2014 2 reviews 0 follower
This place has a really good matcha latte, it's a must order! Ambience wise, I think it can do better as it was really noisy with other people talking so conversations and catching up were quite difficult. Food wise, the matcha latte, and I had the mentaiko pasta which was delicious. A little disappointed that the lava cake ran out, so we ordered the milo panna cotta instead, which was pretty good too! A surprise, since I'm not a fan of panna cotta. The price is a little steep, so I will recommend this place for special occasions, especially since the place is a bit small.
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Must tries: Matcha latte

I also recommend this place for:
Anniversary, Dinner, Romance/First Dates

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