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#01-12, 60 Robertson Quay, 238252
Beer, European, Mediterranean, Spanish, Western, Wines
+65 67357738

Mon - Sat: 18:00 - 23:00

Closed: Sun

$73 based on 30 submissions
Dinner (8 votes), After Work (6 votes), Supper (6 votes) ...

A majority of the dishes like the rib eye beef strips with sweet piquillo and Iberian pork with Serano ham in this 12 seater tapas bar are prepared using the Josper Grill, a state of the art an oven and charcoal grill integrated into one.

What others are eating here

  • Mediterranean Rice 3 votes
  • Dada Bravas 1 vote
  • iberico secret with \"pistou manchego\" 1 vote
  • sishito peppers and shitakes 1 vote

Latest Review for FoodBar DaDa

Overall RatingBased on 18 reviews
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What a Gem! I love it!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

We went to Foodbar Dada on a Wednesday night. The place was packed when we arrived, which is surprising as it was a mid-week night. We were informed that the prior seating was just settling their bill, and invited to sit outside while they cleared the table. We waited for about 5 minutes. Still, the staff were very apologetic about the wait, and served us some complimentary starters which I thought was a nice touch.

Once we stepped inside the restaurant, I knew we had come to the right place. The vibe inside is awesome. The music is great, and the whole place has a fantastic buzz. The interior is industrial cool and I felt like I have been transported to a back alley bar in Barcelona or to the meat packing district in New York. You can enjoy the smell and sight of the food cooking in front of you while waiting for your food.

The food is awesome! It is as good as the best tapas bars in Barcelona, and some dishes are even better! The cocktails are out of this world as well.

All in all, I would say that this place provides a feast for all senses, and I absolutely love love love it!

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Poached Mag's Review of Foodbar Dada

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 34

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The signs of a good dining experience at FoodBar DaDa are short of promising. It’s hard to find the narrow restaurant front in the first place. The host stand and interior walls sport the dubious motif of faded newspaper cuttings, as if this was a pop-up restaurant given the go-ahead to open only five hours prior. There’s a certain uneasiness as you notice that the furniture is mismatched, the piping is exposed or that the menu is simply printed on a pedestrian A4 sheet of paper. The music is a hodgepodge of R&B, jazz, rock and Havana club, blasting above the already noisy conversations and the sizzle of the kitchen centerpiece that is the Josper grill.

But what makes this restaurant so wrong, just makes it so right. It’s that awkward child in class with a hippie edge, that hole-in-the-wall with an industrial chic, totally unadorned but charmingly unrehearsed. The food is what takes the cake.


To start, classic cod puffs with a lick of apple sauce are made airily light and went ‘poof’ after just two bites. Grilled vegetables, each roasted separately at varying lengths of time, produce an artful spring garden fertilized by a nutty Romesco sauce.


With proteins, head chef Jordi Noguera stays true to the ingredient and displays an affinity for simple and rustic preparations. Nothing more than judicious doses of wine, garlic and lemon is needed to showcase cockles in its glorious entirety. A whiff of the salty sea hits you before the cockles’ sweetness seeps through the soft, expertly-cooked flesh. Nothing more than salt and pepper accompanies a ribeye of wagyu in the Josper grill, which teases out tons of meaty flavor from the even marbling. It is an absolute joy even with a glass of cava, where the combination of bubbles and fat is a refreshing tease for the next bite of pleasure (Though it must be said that a wine list predominantly indexed by region or producer rather than variety risks leaving the wine novice cold).


In a city where tapas is a beaten-to-death concept, claimed by chefs which aren’t remotely Spanish in training, Foodbar DaDa manages to keep it fresh. It might be stretching your budget a little with the small portions, but there’re surprises in store at every turn. Gazpacho, as a chilled vegetable soup, transforms from a boring diet juice to a culinary magic trick; a martini glass of charcoal olive oil ice-cream drizzled with cream of balsamic looks like kitsch vanilla gelato with chocolate sauce, until it dissolves and adds a tantalizing, sweet-salty creaminess to a clean...


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My weekday night go-to

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 3

Dada is one of the places that I've been pretty loyal to ever since they opened. While I agree that some of their items are on the pricey side, I've never felt ripped off. Food quality has been consistent each time that I've visited. I will say that if you enjoy sitting at the bar and having a bit of a chat with the bartender, go with one or maybe two people. Any more than that and you will be yelling across the counter - but that is to be expected. 

I'm generally big on straight drinks and I'm guessing they use more than one standard shot in theirs, which I think it great. If you like your drinks on the weaker side, remember to tell them to hold back. Service can sometimes be a bit spotty and I remember having a waitress who barely knew the menu on one of my visits. Granted, it was her first day at work. But I always believe that you shouldn't put someone on the floor unless they're thoroughly trained. 

I absolutely love the little Dada Bravas ("potato cakes" might be an accurate description) and Black Mediterranean Rice. Dessert options are limited and I haven't had anything memorable. 

If you're up for a fun date night or maybe a gab fest a girl friend, I don't think you can go wrong with Dada.

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