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Food For Thought (Botanic Gardens)

Savour old favourites like creamy scrambled eggs, gula melaka granola and pulled pork burgers. For an afternoon pick-me-up, grab a freshly baked cranberry raisin scone served with fresh cream.
With 300 seats, this garden-themed restaurant with an outdoor grill features eco-friendly design with a children's playground

Mon - Sun: 08:00 - 21:00

$16 based on 70 submissions
Brunch (36 votes), Breakfast (29 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (22 votes)
Alance Wong

Just Okay

Food's okay

Its good as a pit stop into botantic gardens

Coffee's drinkable not not fantastic.

better places out there.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Bangers & Mash7 votes
  • Duo of Pancakes2 votes
  • Garlic Mushrooms2 votes
  • banana and walnut panckae2 votes
  • dark chocolate & raspberry pancakes2 votes
  • Ham & Cheese Quiche1 vote
  • Red velvet cake1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 70 votes
29 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Customer experience is not good...i'm "hinted" to leave the place...

this is the second time i went to the place...i went today to celebrate my friend's birthday and i strongly recommend the place as i quite like the ambience the first time i went there...i reached around 7.30pm and the whole place is empty with just 3 tables full...the cashier was very friendly while we went to place order...but the drinks were all not up to standard...Pure lemongrass had no lemongrass taste, it tasted like diluted water...

i only started to feel "unwelcome" only until around 8.30pm when they went around to ask for last order...we knew that place closed at 9.00pm so we were rushing to finish our food...but after they asked all the tables, they started to dim lights at cashier, kitchen area, where it was not the closing time and customers were still around...

then i noticed the staff were just sitting at the tables behind with their belongings on the table...i must emphasized, it was not even 9pm, the closing time yet...then they started going around to clear tables and customers started to leave, only left our table...then the staff continued to dim all lights except our table light...

this is the first time i went to a restuarant where they packed up even before the actual closing it even right to do so when customers were still in the place? i felt "threatened" to leave the area and i left the place before 9pm...i will spread the poor customer experience to all my friends and will not step into the area anymore...
13 Aug 2014 • 21 reviews • 0 follower

Just Okay

Food's okay

Its good as a pit stop into botantic gardens

Coffee's drinkable not not fantastic.

better places out there.

12 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Food for thought, service for thought

I set up this account for the purpose of reviewing this place.

I went to the Bontanical Garden's Food for Thought branch with a number of Mummy friends and their toddlers on a weekday morning. I was excited to try out their breakfast as I heard so much about them. Pity, their service provided were horrendous.

First, when I asked one of their staff about one of the breakfast on their menu, the staff blankly told me she doesn't know. Okay, no big issues, I went over to the counter to ask about it.

Then a few minutes later, this particular staff broke some of the porcelain cups right behind us. The sharp pieces flew at our directions and onto the floor. We were lucky nobody was hurt. A few seconds later, a staff (I believe her to be a management staff) asked if we could move elsewhere because they have to clean the floor. No apologies. This is bad crisis management. I wouldn't mind at all if she came up to apologise for her staff and then reassign us another table so that they can clear the mess. Instead, she sounded like we were obstructing their work.

Lastly, because of the large group we have and many toddlers here, it's inevitable that the table will be messier. Before leaving, I saw this black-faced male staff came over to clear the table, showing major displeasure at us.

Food for Thought. I think you ought to be thinking about your service.

Side note: I think there is a lot of msg in their food as we felt very thirsty after that.
01 Jun 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Noisy and over-rated

Read online that they have one of the better pancakes around but it was really disappointing.. You get better value from Mcdonald's hotcakes... Not only was the food average, the place was filled with kids screaming and running around... Totally spoilt my mood for a quiet Sunday brunch....
18 May 2014 • 51 reviews • 2 followers

not impressed

Been here several times because location is convenient for me. I wouldn't come otherwise. Last visit, many of items were not available. Some of them that I tried before were not too bad like the local food items(mee rebus). These were the better items. Tried a cheeseburger and a prawn pasta. Not impressed at all.