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Cafe Frenzie Bistro & Bar


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Address: 10 Tebing Lane
Serving Western food, desserts and beers, this cafe is located along Tebing Lane.

Daily: 17:00 - 01:00

+65 64410966
$30 based on 31 submissions
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (6 votes), Dinner (5 votes), View/Scenery (5 votes)
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Frienzie - fairly good

Now, it is time for some scenic river views, cooling breezes and dinner at a far away side of Singapore - at the Punggol area. Frienzie's Bistro & Bar was chosen for that purpose, and also its laid-back ambience with music and another aspect of river-side dining other than Boat / Clake Quay and Robertson Quay.   There is usually a crowd by nightfall, and this area is fabulous for an after-dinner stroll. I never knew this place existed until now. We decided to go for the alfresco seating so we may be closer to nature - they set up with nice glass-topped tables and Balinese-style chairs anyway, so it was comfortable.   Main course no. 1 came next - the Spicy Meatballs Spaghetti -  I thought that it would have tasted better if more spicy. Nonetheless, the meatballs were bouncy and succulent, a delicious blend of minced beef taste and the spicy flavor of the chillied sauce it was tossed in. The pasta was tangy and well-cooked, so the overall feel of the dish was rather delightful, like comfort food at its best.   Next, the Marinated Chicken Thigh - tender chicken thigh cooked to perfection and served with a savoury gravy and chunks of capsicums, carrots, mushrooms etc. I rather enjoyed the light burst of flavors for this simple dish, but the amount of fatty meat in the chicken was quite a turn-off.    For more detailed information and photos, do visit:  

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Stew Kuche

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15 Dec 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

A real waste of a nice location

Visited the restaurant last night following a visit to a friend in Pungol, we cycle past all of the time so thoguht we would drop by as it was a nice night. Quite a few people around but got a table and was straight away caught by what we are guessing was the manager trying to sell Canadian Oysters and a bottle of wine, we said no give us some time to look, then back immediately we have some great Wagyu tonight again we said no. He came back again pushing the Wagyu and luckily I said I have never had a good Wagyu in Singapore (apart from really high end places) so said it is OK we will choose something else. Never saw him again. To be honest we kept looking at Popeyes as we saw the not so nice looking pizzas walking in but said lets give it a go.

Nachos to start, basically  bag of chips opened with some warm crappy cheese and three plastic tiny bowls of chilli, some kind of cream (didn't look or taste sour) and a sauce. A child could have done better. So much for appertisers, immediately our fish and chips came, no time to sit and enjoy. All I can say is the fish was mush in a really heavy undercooked batter, fish was definitely frozen. Fries over cooked, salad covered in some sweet dressing. Really not nice at all, it just hit the stomach and sat there and even the morning after you feel it sitll there...

I am so pleased we didnt go for the other items, the standard rib of beef, 400g was over 40 dollars, the nasty looking pizza with processed meat on over 24 dollars.

I always find this such a waste, a place on the river and they serve up this rubbish, the fish place next door isn't much better. They all seem to just take advantage of the location and will get passing people in. 

The staff weren't much better, they can hand out menus but getting them to come back, no chance. Unfortunately they cam just in time before we left to take our order otherwise we would have saved ourselves a nasty evening. It is so sad when a fast food joint like Popeyes has a queue out of the door when surrounded by 4 other sit down restaurants in a nice location...

Please don't go to this place unless you like really badly cooked Western food that is also extremely overpriced.
02 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Poor service and ambience

3rd time that I have visited the place and to say that nothing has changed for the better is an understatement. Poor Service - this has not changed. Inattentive staff whom I am not sure if they are really working or just hanging out at the place and getting paid for it. Water never gets refilled, ordered a pint of beer only for it to get forgotten that it was ever ordered (it wasn't even busy. There were less than 5 tables of customers). Poor Ambience - The chill out ambience used to be a factor in going there. Not anymore. Loud, bassy disco music blaring from their speakers that makes chatting in normal volume a challenge. Even when me and my friend decided not to chat, the music was very annoying and pissed us off more than "chilling us out". I'm never going back there again.
02 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Horrible service & food !!!!!

Poor service, tasteless food. After a couple of visits to this resturant, we will never go back again.
The food portion is big but is tasteless. We ordered one espresso but it turns out to be dlilute coffee. The manager insisted that he will not cancel and refund because it was done by the machine. Not even apologetic to custmers and insist that they are correct in blending such coffee. For a small buck of $5, we wont ever go back again. We ordered a tiramisu, and ask if it was freshly made or frozen confection, the waitress said it was freshly baked in the morning. Sad to say, she lied. The tiramisu came to be from a frozen confection. No doubt it has nice ambience - we will never recommend it to our friends ever. Is not worth the value of the food and the service is horrible. There are even better dining places in Sinapore. Is better not to risk your night at this place so you wont leave dissapointed!!!