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Frienzie - fairly good

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 628

Now, it is time for some scenic river views, cooling breezes and dinner at a far away side of Singapore - at the Punggol area. Frienzie's Bistro & Bar was chosen for that purpose, and also its laid-back ambience with music and another aspect of river-side dining other than Boat / Clake Quay and Robertson Quay.   There is usually a crowd by nightfall, and this area is fabulous for an after-dinner stroll. I never knew this place existed until now. We decided to go for the alfresco seating so we may be closer to nature - they set up with nice glass-topped tables and Balinese-style chairs anyway, so it was comfortable.   Main course no. 1 came next - the Spicy Meatballs Spaghetti -  I thought that it would have tasted better if more spicy. Nonetheless, the meatballs were bouncy and succulent, a delicious blend of minced beef taste and the spicy flavor of the chillied sauce it was tossed in. The pasta was tangy and well-cooked, so the overall feel of the dish was rather delightful, like comfort food at its best.   Next, the Marinated Chicken Thigh - tender chicken thigh cooked to perfection and served with a savoury gravy and chunks of capsicums, carrots, mushrooms etc. I rather enjoyed the light burst of flavors for this simple dish, but the amount of fatty meat in the chicken was quite a turn-off.    For more detailed information and photos, do visit:  

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Disgusting service and food.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 8

went for dinner at frenzie. place looked cool to chill out. took order. waited quite awhile. ordered bbq chicken and burger. totally not worth the wait. chicken was so dry. the beef burger was grilled so badly. will never return again.

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Slow and unfriendly service, awful soups

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 7

When we chanced upon this place at about 6pm after cycling around the area, nobody was around to greet us and give us menus, although later on we noticed that actually there were lots of staff present today. Somehow managed to snare the attention of a passing gruff waiter and ordered their roasted mushroom soup ($6.90) and pumpkin soup du jour ($5.90), as well as a mud cake with durian ice cream ($9.90).

How long does it take to scoop a soup and heat it up really? The whole point of soup is to have a quick something to nosh on while waiting for the main course. However we waited more than 10 minutes and had to find a waiter who said he would go and check, then vanished into the kitchen. We never saw him again. Eventually our soups arrived, the moment we asked to cancel our order. They say good things come to those who wait, but no! The pumpkin soup was watery, like mashed pumpkin stirred with hot water. The mushroom soup was the same but slightly better, probably due to the heaping tablespoon of salt they added. The breadsticks were oily, tasteless shriveled up things.

We canceled our mud cake and left as it was getting dark. At least the guy who gave us the bill asked us how our "meal" went, and was nice enough to apologise.

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Amazingly bad food and service

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 219

It was a stroke of bad luck that led me to this seemingly innocent place at the inreasingly crowded waterfront hideout. I wished we hadnt.

Things started out okay with the place looking quite chill, and this is the only western option other than Popeye's close by. Warm weather made it tough for us to take the inner dining seats and instead we decided to head out to the bar seats which had 2 overhead fans whirling by (there were 4 but 2 were spoilt).

Menu also looked innocent with the usual western fare and I must say they have a selection larger than it looked like the place can offer. But it was not a blessing as we later found out.

Mushroom soup ($6.90) - I cant make out what this is supposed to be. It was hot alright but tasted like a mash of minced mushrooms with a dollop of oilve oil on top. It was not soup as I remember soup to be.

Buffalo wings ($8.90) - about 8 pieces if mini wings smothered in some hot sauce but the chicken itself was not marinated and the meat undercooked. The sad limp sticks of carrot and celery were not fresh.

Cheesy sausage ($15.90) - The sausage was bland, the mashed potatoes it was lying on powdery and very bad, and the accompanying greens absolutely no dressing at all. They couldn't even bother with thousand island.

Twin slipper lobster ($28.90) - My mum had one bite of the lobster and asked to return it as it was not fresh. The slipper lobster in the Twin Slipper Lobster was not fresh - what a joke.

Alio Olio Shrimp ($16.90) - the alio olio was not too bad actually until I had a bite of the shrimp. Not fresh too. This was returned as well.

Sambal Fried Rice ($13.90) - we were hugely dissatisfied after returning the above 2 mains so decided to order this to share. This was the saving grace of the evening with us having no complaints about this although it was a bit greasy for me.

Beers - they have a small selection of mostly bottled beer but no happy hour pricing. At least the beers were cold.

Service was a major disaster. The picture of the slipper lobster showed that it came with rice so I was trying to reconfirm this with the staff but she insisted that it was not rice but mashed potatoes. Another picture which showed exactly the same thing she said it was rice. ??!! To top it off, she told us "If you want rice, you can order the sambal fried rice. That one comes with rice". Smart.

And obviously, 2 out of 3 main courses returned was not a concern to them as staff and a chap who seemed like their supervisor was just nonchalant about it. And they had the audacity to keep it on the bill and charge me for the 2 returned main courses - I had to ask for them to remove it. And not one word of apologies throughout the evening - so maybe they feel serving not-fresh seafood in their seafood dishes were alright after all.

This place is an absolute disaster. I know I may be over generalizing as I've not tried the other items but for a place to serve seafood which are obviously bad, to me, reflects the attitude of the chef there. Plus service is just bad too. And prices for not cheap at all - I paid $97 for 3pax even after removing the 2 returned items. But i have to admit, the pictures are very deceiving as they actually looked quite decent in it.

If I am ever back, I'll eat at Popeye's and come here just for drinks, if I really have to. I'm quite sure they cannot mess up bottled beer.

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However nice the ambience is, the food and service is just not up to par...

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

So I had dinner there with my wife. We ordered 2 starters (Spicy N.Z. Mussels and Crispy Chicken Wings) and 2 pastas (Spaghetti Aglio Olio Mushroom and Garlic Shrimp Pasta).

Firstly, we spent around 10 minutes standing at the 'Please wait here to be seated sign' while at least 5 staff members stood around looking uninterested. This was around 5.45pm, and thus the dinner crowd had not arrived yet. When we finally got a table, it was to our dismay that the cutlery was stained (i.e. not washed properly from the previous usage).

Ordering was a tedious task as the waitress could/did not speak proper English, and I had to resort to pointing at the menu to get the orders taken. What surprised me was that she did not even bother to confirm the order before walking off.

The first dishes to arrive were the main courses (another minus point on my list, shouldn't the starters arrive first?). The Garlic Shrimp Pasta was dry and tasteless, even though the menu description stated that it was supposed to come "in white-wine sauce". The Mushroom Aglio Olio would have been edible, if not for the "overkill" amount of pepper (the only thing I could taste was the pepper). The only probable saving grace of the pastas would be that it was done nicely al dente.

The next dish that arrived was the Spicy N.Z. Mussels, which were supposed to be blue mussels topped with minced garlic and sambal and baked with mozzarella cheese.

Frankly, the mussels were fresh, but where was the garlic or sambal? I could taste neither as the cheese overpowered the other flavours.

The last dish to arrive was the Crispy Chicken Wings which is supposedly the chef's specialty? (I can't really remember as I'm still seething about the overall dining experience, but it's written on the menu).

You know those ready-to-fry wings from the CP Brand? These wings looked and tasted EXACTLY like those.

In the end, what was supposed to be a relaxing evening dining by the waterfront was marred by atrocious service, and appalling food.

So, hungry go where? Definitely not here.

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The New Dempsey

Food/Drink 2 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 375

For photos, please visit Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow.

We were so excited to be at Punggol, along a stretch of beautiful greenery, with a small hill and a long river - very picturesque. This is the new Dempsey. Between a Chinese cze cha restaurant, Wendy's, and a Western chill-out place, we picked the last one.

How to get there? If you're traveling along Punggol East Road, you'll come to see LRT tracks. Once you past the track, make a U-turn immediately. you'll see a plant nursery on your left, and you may feel tempted to turn in - but resist the temptation. Immediately after the nursery, at the temple, turn left.

Many beer-drinkers (executives who came after work) at this place, so I suppose the beer is inexpensive? I wouldn't know because we are teetotalers. We ordered: Buffalo Wings (6 pieces for $8.90); Sirloin Steak ($22.90), and Hot Fudge Brownie ($8.90).

The wings didn't taste spicy at all, more tomatoey. I requested the steak to be medium rare but it came thoroughly cooked, so it was tough. For $22.90, I could have a set meal at Jack's Place.

The Brownie was the saving Grace, or more precisely, saving half-Grace, because it was steaming hot. The server took some time to dish it up to us, so by the time it reached us, the ice cream had half-melted (that's why saving only half-Grace). The table beside us who also ordered brownie had their ice cream still intact because the server probably served it up faster. Although the brownie was delicious, I thought brownie isn't hard to bake. In fact, when I baked the pre-mix Aunt Jemma brand, it tasted damn good too. Besides, the half-melted ice cream was of a cheap brand.

All in all, the food is not great; there is nothing to complain about the service; the atmosphere is fantastic, with the dark rattan tables and comfortable easy chairs and jazz music by the river. We kept smelling wafts of cze char food from the Chinese restaurant and we suspected we made a mistake in our choice of place. I don't think I'll be back to Frienzie for food but perhaps to chillax.

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