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 • 01 Mar 2014 314 reviews 2 followers
Now, it is time for some scenic river views, cooling breezes and dinner at a far away side of Singapore - at the Punggol area. Frienzie's Bistro & Bar was chosen for that purpose, and also its laid-back ambience with music and another aspect of river-side dining other than Boat / Clake Quay and Robertson Quay.
There is usually a crowd by nightfall, and this area is fabulous for an after-dinner stroll. I never knew this place existed until now. We decided to go for the alfresco seating so we may be closer to nature - they set up with nice glass-topped tables and Balinese-style chairs anyway, so it was comfortable.
Main course no. 1 came next - the Spicy Meatballs Spaghetti -  I thought that it would have tasted better if more spicy. Nonetheless, the meatballs were bouncy and succulent, a delicious blend of minced beef taste and the spicy flavor of the chillied sauce it was tossed in. The pasta was tangy and well-cooked, so the overall feel of the dish was rather delightful, like comfort food at its best.
Next, the Marinated Chicken Thigh - tender chicken thigh cooked to perfection and served with a savoury gravy and chunks of capsicums, carrots, mushrooms etc. I rather enjoyed the light burst of flavors for this simple dish, but the amount of fatty meat in the chicken was quite a turn-off. 
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I spent $30 per person.

Must tries: spicy meatball spaghetti

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