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Review for Fukuichi Japanese Dining


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19 Feb 2014 • 3 Reviews • 0 Follower

Good food and quality

The food quality is consider quite good.

Mategai Mentaiko Yaki (Grilled Bamboo Clam) - is very nice but on the salty side. It goes well with rice.
Nama Uni is very fresh, I tried in other restaurant as well, if it's not fresh it will have a bitter taste.
Kani Karaage is very crispy, my favourite dish among all.
Makajiki Katsu - Personally I don't like it, it taste dry to me.
Hotate Garlic Yaki - Recommend to try.
Corn Tempura - Average
Ebi Teppanyaki - Goes well with rice.
Sharkfin Chawamushi - Normal chawamushi with sharkfin topped on it.
Yakimeshi To Miso Soup (Garlic Fried Rice) - It smell great and taste nice, this is a simple but unique dish that I have not seen in other restaurant.

I went on Monday, there wasn't a lot of people. The restaurant have a outdoor seating where you can chill-out with friends. They have private rooms as well which is good for business lunches/dinner.

They do provide Omakase as well, ranges from $80 - $150 onwards.

Overall the food is good and is not too expensive. Will return again.
Recommended for
Anniversary, Business Dining
Average Spend
$252 for 2 pax
  • Mategai Mentaiko Yaki (Grilled Bamboo Clam with Cod Roe Sauce)
  • Nama Uni (Uni Sashimi)
  • Kani Karagge
  • Makajiki Katsu (Breaded Marlin fish with cheese  mayo)
  • Hotate Garlic Yaki
  • Toumorokoshi Kakiage (Corn Tempura)
  • Ebi Teppanyaki
  • Fukahire Chawan Mushi (Sharkfin Chawamushi)
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