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 • 18 Apr 2014 315 reviews 2 followers
Having been to Fukuichi Japanese Restaurant twice before (read about it here), the craving for their food just doesn't leave me
Service remains attentive and excellent, and ambience is still the same - quiet, exquisite and serene. I had my much-craved Cold Crabmeat Tofu - a very delicious and rich blend of crab-tofu served with a thick layering of mashed century egg, spring onions and scallions on top. The flavor is buttery, flavorful and refreshing.
Next, the Cold Fish Noodles - something I had ordered by mistake. It somewhat slipped my mind that usually I ate the Hot Fish Noodles (the soup is fabulous), but this was one of their signatures as well, and it sure didn't disappoint. The noodles were springy with good texture that was not too hard nor soggy, and because it is made entirely of fish flesh, there was a tinge of sweetness to it. Dipped with the cold dark sauce that it is served with, this dish leaves one desiring for more.
The next item I had was the Salmon Sashimi - slices of thick, fresh and sweet raw salmon that does not lose its bouncy texture.
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I spent $60 per person.

Must tries: Kani Tofu, Sashimi, crab roe tofu, Cold Fish Noodle, hot fish noodles, chawanmushi

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