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 • 15 Feb 2014 315 reviews 2 followers
Have you ever discovered a simple-looking restaurant by chance, tried the food, and gotten addicted to one or more of the dishes? Well, it happened to me, when I chanced upon Fukuchi Japanese Dining with my buddy Cain*.

This restaurant boosts of a traditional Japanese interior; quiet and serene ambience, ideal for business lunches or friends' gathering. The simple decorations are easy on the eyes, and comforting to the soul. Yes, they have VIP / private rooms and alfresco dining too, if one pleases.

First we had the Crab Roe Tofu - which was a cold dish. The crab roe was superb - delicious and melts-in-your-mouth. Set against the very lightly-flavored tofu (beancurd), they complement each other greatly; both smooth, both mouthwatering on its own.

The next item was a Cold Fish Noodle - what is so unique about this dish is that the noodles themselves are made of fish meat! Yes, not flour, wheat or starch - but fish flesh! It was ultra springy in texture, and the taste was just heavenly. It was literally love at first bite for Cain* and I. Since then, I have been having craving for this, and actually came back one more time to satiate my craving. This was truly one of the tastiest noodle dishes I had ever eaten, and the soup was nicely flavored with seaweed and hints of essence?

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I spent $50 per person.

Must tries: crab roe tofu, Cold Fish Noodle

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