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Nice Food in a quiet neighbourhood!

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Happened to pass by this place with my family after coming here to patronise at some of the pet shops. Was attracted by the brand "GT" (and in Chinese its Gim Tim or Jin Zhen) and immediately associate this with the restaurant chain at AMK. Later, after having a chat with the boss (who is also the head chef) and was told that they have "broken off" from the original GT group and so now they are independent!

Located at a quiet corner of Serangoon North Ave 1/2, this restaurant is not spacious unlike most Chinese restaurants. As such, they have to setup tables outside the restaurant since the 2-shop unit restaurant can only place 5-6 tables inside (including the kitchen, casher and drink counter and the washroom and storeroom). Small and compact for space!

As we were early, we were lucky to be seated inside and thus enjoying the air-con. Latecomers would have to settle outside. Staff (and the boss) were friendly and efficient in service and quite often, they would come to chat with diners or recommend them some dishes if they were unsure what to order.

A total of 6 adults and 1 child, we ordered 6 ala carte dishes. Overall, the food was nice and tasty. We ordered the famous Fish Maw soup ($20). It was thick and flavourful though serving was small as every one of us had only a small little bowl.

The butter cream chicken is another "must try" ($18). The chicken were deep fried well and appropriately (and the meat was tender, crispy and juicy) and then stir fried with the butter cream sauce (similar to mayonnaise plus tartar sauce) and it was a perfect match. Very nice and flavourful.

The stir-fried garlic and kailan was nice too though serving was small and yet the price was $14! However, it was cooked nicely and for those who like garlic and kailan, you will love this as it was not too oily and the kailan was still crunchy when you eat them.

The prawn goh hiong (or known as hei cho at $20) was a bit letdown (though its also one of the recommended dishes). First, they were cut into very small pieces and you cannot really have a good taste of it and also some parts were over deep fried and came with a bit burnt parts. As for the taste, it was ordinary, nothing to shout about. And the sweet soy sauce that came with it did not actually boost up its taste or flavour.

The egg omelette ($12) was ok. Portion was ok but they did not have the special chilli sauce to go along with it. All they have was the "one and only" self-made chilli sauce and not those that are used for char keow teow or egg omelette type of chilli, not the bottle chilli sauce and neither the sambal chilli and perhaps in between.

The mee sua ($16) was cooked like wet version of mee hoon and you cannot really tell its actually mee sua instead of bee hoon. However, the portion was big and had a lot of ingredients like egg, squids, prawns etc. All these dishes and a total of 4 bowls of white rice.

We ordered the hot chrysanthemum tea. It was quite nice, not too sweet but flavourful and the tea was regularly refilled.

Our original bill was about $110 (inclusive of GST and Service Charge) and the boss gave us 10% discount due to its opening celebration.

Overall, it was quite good and nice food and friendly service. If it wants to stay in business here, perhaps the price could not be charged too high or portion must be substantial. However, I am confident that the boss will know what and how to do so since he's very customer oriented and having business acumen and gives discounts to surprise customers!!!

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