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Review for Gerry's Grill


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Address: StarHub Centre, 51 Cuppage Road, 229469
24 Feb 2012 • 2 Reviews • 0 Follower

Pinoy Food -- Some Hits, Some Misses; But Well-Priced

I brought 5 Singaporean friends to eat some pinoy food. Some of them have tried 7107 (Marina Square) and Bonifacio (Tanjong Pagar) in the past. Since Gerry's was a staple for me back in Manila, I was excited to get them to try what I consider a staple in my Manila list of where to eat.

Inihaw na Pusit (grilled squid) -- what a crowd pleaser! Everyone loved the sweet, salty taste of the squid. It was grilled well, not overcooked. However, I am not sure why it didn't come out "hot", maybe the airconditioning cooled the squid very fast after coming out of the kitchen. Added note: this came out first before other items, and we finished it in 2 minutes. We ordered another, and it came out before all our other dishes again! :)

Lechon Kawali (deep fried pork belly) -- sorry, but what a LET DOWN! I asked the waitress if the pork belly would have a crispy skin, and she said yes. We were choosing between this or the crispy pata. But since we ordered a lot of other dishes, we opted for this instead. The pork skin was chewy and gooey, and my local friends were very disappointed. The meat was tender... but come on, when you order lechon kawali... the crispy skin is the main event! We did not finish this dish.

Sinigang na Baboy (pork tamarind soup) -- this is decent, but I feel 7107 or Bonifacio serves better versions of this dish. It also lacks vegetables that the other two provided a lot. However, the pork is very soft and tasty.

Sizzling Bangus (milkfish) -- Not bad. However, the best part (again!) -- the belly -- is sorely missing. For non-Filipinos who has never eaten milkfish before, they might not really like the fish. (I bought frozen bangus from PH to SG [I think SeaKing brand] and it has more belly than the one in Gerrys)

Sisig -- Not as good as I remembered. It didn't have enough tang-y taste and it did not impress my local friends. Again, maybe its acquired taste? But I still like my sisig when I go back to Manila (like in Mesa or Cerchio or even.. Crocodile Grille) but the Gerry's one here wasn't something I will be coming back for.

Sizzling Kangkong -- letdown. :( Corner chinese fried kangkong in Singapore is better than this. Taste is not there.

Garlic Rice -- everyone loved this, one even commented that it tasted like chicken rice!

Buko Pandan -- local friends thought this was awesome!

Halo-halo -- nothing fancy, very sparse in ingredients.

Leche Flan -- normal flan! if you like leche flan, you can opt for this.

Maybe I should've ordered better for my local friends (crispy pata, tadyang, kaldereta?) but aside from the awesome squid, everything else was just a pass.

BUT!! The good news is, Gerry's prices are much lower than 7107 or Bonifacio, by a MILE! I was pleasantly surprised about their prices, considering that their restaurant/location looked well-designed and located in a prime area (Orchard).

Our entire meal came out at $100 bucks. This includes 3 rootbeers, 1 iced tea ($5) and three desserts. Everyone was surprised that it was well-priced.

If we have pinoy food cravings, we'll probably come back, but would probably order other stuff to try. :)

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Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, Vibrant/Noisy
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