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Review for Gerry's Grill


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12 May 2013 • 170 Reviews • 5 Followers

Not really my cup of tea sadly

Full post and pictures at toseetofeeltoeat

We ordered some deep fried chicken, some grilled squid, the sizzling kangkong and shredded pork. I have to say, it really requires an acquired taste to truly enjoy the food here. Perhaps it's the way the food is cooked or the spices used, but everything tastes kind of sour. As I've never tried Filipino food before, I'm really curious as to whether the usual Filipino food has this interesting sour tangy taste to it as well!   Anyway, the deep fried chicken was average. The batter tasted kind of sour and the meat was slightly tough, and was completely not juicy at all. What a bummer. he grilled squid was also slightly sour. It tasted like any normal grilled squid, nothing much to scream about. The sizzling kangkong was the only dish that was not sour, but I don't think it was done very well either. The vegetables were kind of limp and overcooked, not crunchy as one would expect fresh greens to be. Deep fried shredded pork which was tasty for the first few bites but just felt very oily after that. We didn't finish this dish because it did not taste like anything much after awhile and the oily taste was too persistent.

I doubt I would return but I concede that maybe it's truly an acquired taste that I have yet to acquire (and possibly will never acquire).
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