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Nice food, good atmosphere

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

Visited this bistro for the first time when I brought one of my clients for a meeting. I have always walked past this place but never stepped in and I wished I had earlier!

At 3pm, the bistro was mildly packed and had a good atmosphere for our meeting. My client ordered the Beef & Bacon Burger while I had the Squid Ink Pasta. We also shared some Vietnamese Wings and Breaded Mushrooms as recommended by their staff.

The burger came looking like a sandwich and I was skeptical at first, but my client enjoyed it very much and pretty much gobbled everything up within minutes. As for my pasta, it was really tasty with a generous serving of seafood. My mouth and teeth was a mess after eating! Note to self: do not order squid ink pasta in front of unfamiliar people. Not the most glamorous dish to eat!

The chicken wings was tender, juicy, and very tasty. The mushrooms was average with an interesting sauce. Something like soya sauce with chilli and garlic but it tasted quite special.

Only qualm is that the service staff are not attentive enough and was a little slow. Food quality and price are very reasonable.

All in all, I will definitely drop by more often for lunch since my office is nearby and bring other clients here!

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Unscrupulous & fraudulent business with poor hygiene practice.

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Review: 1

My friend bought the Buffet voucher from Groupon and we went there on 12 Dec 2013.
Waited for 45min even though we made a reservation. From observation, they sold more than they could handle.

The bratwurst hat they advertised as the buffet item turned out to cheap hotdogs.

When we asked for a refill of the mashed potato and the 'bratwurst', we got suspicious when the waiter did not stack the plates. Only to confirm our suspicion that they re-use plates probably to minimize cost of manpower to wash, or they do not have enough plates to go around, or both (we marked the plate we finished).

So you may end up sharing saliva with strangers in this gourmet hangout if they mix-up your plate with someone else's.

You are not allowed to order liquor 'on the rocks' or 'neat'. We had 4 glasses of rum with mixer only to taste the mixer and not the rum.

For $26 for this kind of food and service, go only if you would like to throw money away to this unscrupulous business.

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Strongly not recommend to go this bistro , Poor service poor environment, bad attitude to customer

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Totally Disappointed on this place. Don't try to go or try at this place.
Bad attitude for the staff who bang the door while talking with customer.

Whole situation:

I have book a appointment on 20 Nov 2013 for 11 Dec 8PM to have 13 seat for the buffet which sold on Groupon.
When i and my friend go there happily just to try what the so call "German sausage" free flow and wine and beer free flow, the staff told us that its fully booked. We are shocked and show the staff we have booked and have confirmation SMS. She told us that she just back from vacation and do not know who the arrangement for the booking. She try to comfort us by telling us she able to get ready seat at 9.30 PM for 13 of us and since the buffet will last for two hours , they will have the cab to send us back for the compensation. We do agree and come back on 930Pm sharp, but very disappointed that we are need to wait until 10 PM. Thats all right for the above stuff. The staff trying to compensate us by two of the "frances fries" and saying by sending us 1 cab to send us back. What a kidding joke to 13 of us to squeeze in 1 cab.
We trying to ask for 5 cab as he promise to send us back. The staff just say they have no authority and the boss is travel in Japan , so they can only give us 1 cab which is so call reasonable.

I have totally disappointed to all the staff and the this bistro.

Strongly not recommended to go on this bistro unless you think your day is good enough to take in such a ridiculous services.

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Very bad service and not worth a try

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

My friend bought me a alcohol buffet voucher from as a birthday gift to me. I found this title of "Alcohol Buffet" quite interesting. Therefore, I bring along a friend to try it out. When we reach the bar, there are 3 waiters, but non of them approach us. It was a bad impression at the start. Then this waiter take d voucher from me and inform me that, i am only allow to consume vodka, rum, whiskey, martini and tequilas base cocktail. Whereby, in the menu there's only a few drinks is under this category. Then the waiter told us tat, if we want to order others cocktails, we need to pay $3 for each pax. We rejected the offer, then the waiter bring us a bill of $6.60, and wanted us to pay it immediately. I'm not even placing any order yet i need to pay 1st. The waiter explained that due to friday consider weekend therefore they need to extra charge each pax $3 plus service charge! Ok, i'm fine with it~ after we pay for it, then we make our order, we order 3 meals and 2 drinks. The bill always come faster than the meal, and this time round it charge us 10% service charge again! It was ridiculous! In my point of view, u're giving me no standard service and expected me to pay u service charge whenever i make an order. Yet, our drinks took30-45mins to serve! Is totally a bad experience. It makes me feel bad for my friend who has wasted $50 to buy me this useless voucher. Environment..the bar is very small and pack. And is it very noisy due to big crowds dine in a small rooms. Is not recommended for couples.

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