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Grandma's Restaurant (Raffles City)

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Grandma's serves local foods. Be spoilt for choice with a vast selection of wholesome dishes just like your Grandma used to cook it. Foods here is so local that you simply indulge it.

Daily: 11:30 - 22:00

+65 63335580
$18 based on 8 submissions
Pro Lim

Lunch @ Grandma's

Located at basement, its more like an outlet/canteen style, rather than a restaurant, but the menu prices are not exactly cheap though.

Dimly lighted, not enough manpower. Sitting at a corner, it was really difficult to attract the attention of the service personnel. The only fastest service provided was when we asked for the bill.

Foodwise, the assam fish head is really fantastic. It was served with the burner, thus it was kept pipping hot during the entire meal. The gravy was really apetitizing, not too greasy nor thick, good enough to drink.

Beef rendang, so so only, I have eaten better ones. Otak, not a big fan, but was a big hit with my guests. Vegetables portions are pathetically LITTLE... :(

Dessert - Chendol is yum, especially since you could decide how much brown sugar syrup u want to add. Thus it is less sweet compared to others.

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18 Aug 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Overall horrible food I have ever eat in my entire life. Not value for money. Will never eat again

Overall horrible food I have ever eat in my entire life. Not value for money. Will never eat again. Grandma kitchen food suck. Will not recommend any of my friends.
18 Aug 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Overall horrible food I have ever eat in my entire life. Not value for money. Will never eat again

Overall horrible food I have ever eat in my entire life. Not value for money. Will never eat agai
25 Oct 2012 • 50 reviews • 2 followers

Good food, appaling manager

We ordered nasi lemak and Hokkien mee.  The nasi lemak was quite delicious and came with good sambal.  The cendol was tasty too.  What spoilt the experience was not just the over charging of one extra cendol, but the way the restaurant manager totally ignored me when I stood in front of him trying to explain.  He never once looked up fr the cashier and actually dashed off to the kitchen!  It was ironically the supervisor who came over and rectified it and prompty refunded me.  What ''exemplary'' behaviour by the manager!
22 Jul 2012 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Are your food portions meant for cats or humans?

We ordered the sambal kangkong, beef rendang and fu yong egg.

Beef rendang consisted of 6 small pieces of sinewy beef that could fit into those small plates meant to hold chilli sauce/soya sauce. I thought there was a mistake in the order and asked if that was the normal portion because it looked like the amount of food I'd feed to a small cat!! I was told that was the 'normal' portion. Granted, prices here are cheap but patrons are here to fill their stomachs. Either raise the standard and portion size together and increase the price (I don't think people would mind paying more for a susbstantial meal that is good!) OR take it off the menu completely! It's pointless serving food that's below par and of ridiculously small portions because you don't charge customers that much.

Fu yong egg was definitely not worth the price either. Was extremely thin and yet runny. I'd like to know how the cook managed to pull this off, fry an egg that's extremely thin, yet managed not to cook it right through so it's runny - that takes skill!

Sambal kankong was the only thing that was midly decent. Even then, nothing to shout about. We've tasted better.

We left the place still hungry (thanks to good portion control by the restaurant), utterly dissatisfied and paid $22 each for that meal (including drinks).

This isn't my first time to this chain. I've always enjoyed the food here and returned time & again. But after this experience, I'm utterly disgusted. Never again.

25 Nov 2011 • 6 reviews • 1 follower

Unacceptable service

Sadly, the service was poor at the Raffles City outlet. We reached quite early at 12:10 p.m. There wasn't a lot of people then but still, our orders of 2 nasi lemak and dumpling noodles came at 1 p.m. People who came later were served first.

The curry chicken on the nasi lemak was cold too. I had tried their Cantonese noodles before. It's actually Hor Fun but charged at $8.90++. It's not bad but you can get the same for $3.50 at coffee shops too.