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Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant (Anchorpoint)

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Gyu Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant serves Japanese cuisine. Its specialties dishes includes its BBQ meats in various premium cuts and prepared with different marinades.

Daily: 12:00 - 14:30

Daily: 17:30 - 22:30

$55 based on 14 submissions
Dinner (4 votes), BBQ (3 votes), Business Dining (3 votes)
Alex Chia 809

One of the best.

Excellent food and great service. Definitely of the best wagyu beef restaurant in Singapore

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Wagyu tongue1 vote
  • wagyu brisket1 vote
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Valve for money deal
11 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 1 follower

One of the best.

Excellent food and great service. Definitely of the best wagyu beef restaurant in Singapore
29 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

excellent service and food

I am eating and writing this review at the same time. The food and service are excellent. Two seperate thongs - one for raw food and one for cooked food. Attentive staff ( fern, didi, syafiq and 2 chinese ladies) ...the whole experiece is good.
Hello Gyu-Kaku
29 Apr 2014 • 287 reviews • 21 followers

30licious S$30++ deal with American Express

For the complete Chubby Botak Koala dining experience, click here:

Little Devil and I went to try the 30licious $30++ menu focused on the Wagyu theme menu which consist of wagyu rump cap, wagyu nakaochi (meat between the ribs) and wagyu brisket. However, while Little Devil ('LD') and I were browsing through the menu, we decided to add Wagyu tongue (Small $27.90) and beef intestines with miso dressing ($14.90) to our order.   We started with cucumber pickle and salad. The pickle is very refreshing and really entice your appetite. The salad is fresh and light dressed with yuzu vinaigrette.   The yakiniku at Gyu-Kaku uses charcoal and the modern smokeless grill technology from Japan. The Wagyu tongue is the first to hit the grill. It is sliced very thin therefore cooking time is short. I ate it with lemon and Himalayan sea salt and the taste is tender and packed with flavour.   Next on the grill is the beef intestines. This is the first time we ever tried it. At first sight, it looks like brain. It takes a lot of time on the grill and you have to make sure it is cooked. It tasted chewy and fatty. Lets just say we won't order it again any time soon.   We proceed to the set meat selection. All type of the meat on the plate has a nice marbling on it. However, we know that they are different cuts so we expect different texture to the meat. Rice was provided to accompany the meat.   The wagyu rump cap looks a bit like mini steak. The meat is tender, but as a rump cut, it can be slightly resilient compare to rib eye. There is two dipping sauce to choose from, the tangy version on the left and the tsuke sauce on the right. I personally still go with lemon and salt.   The wagyu nakoichi are cut in cubes. Supposedly it is a meat between the ribs. On a certain cut, when it has lots of marbling, it just melts in your mouth when you eat it. However, there are a certain part with less fats, which LD ate, she said it is though. However, it flavour is just awesome.   Wagyu brisket almost has a similar outlook as the pork belly. Therefore the fat content is high and easily catch fire on the grill. The meat is tender and full of fatty goodness.   To end the set meal, we got green tea ice cream. The ice cream is smooth, with a good balance of green tea and sweetness.   The service staff become more friendly and attentive. They double check and change the wire for the grill when its dirty.   Ambiance is quite good with lots of natural lights from the window. The best part, there is no hit of oily smell in the air. We can honestly say, when we walk out, we did not smell like grill meat. Nicely done.   Overall, the quality of the meat is very good. If we dine in under normal circumstances, we will probably go for the ribeye. Portion for the set meal was quite small and we are clever enough to order the tongue and intestines, otherwise we won't be full. Cheers!!
04 Apr 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Nice pleace

comfortable and delicious food
comfortable and delicious food
comfortable and delicious food
why review mush be more than 100 characters

Highest quality charcoal
05 Dec 2013 • 721 reviews • 85 followers

Overpriced Japanese food cooked on high quality charcoal.

Little slivers of medium quality meats, salad where you can count the number of veg leaves, tomatoes that should be the "peach tasting type" instead of local tomatoes all add to an overpriced meal.

Food:  Our hosts ordered a mix of meats from the high end wagyu to fillet,  cheek meat, and chicken.  They all came in very small portions,  probably 2 plates for one pax, but we were 5 pax.  That is the usual Jap serving for BBQ meats.  Meats were tasty but not exceptionially so.  I was disappointed at the wagyu beef, expecting a fuller, fat taste but it did not come through even though I undercooked it a little.  The pork strips were OK,  but were they kurobota??  The reason why I'm so particular is that I looked at the prices,  and realised that they were Jap prices (in Japan !)

Value:  Poor value

Service:  Good service but the hosts could smile a bit more to make it more plesant.

Ambience:  Nice old builing used to house the Anchor brewery staff.
The management of Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant responded to this review:
08 Dec 2013
Dear Weighty Man,

Thank you for your review on our establishment. We will feedback your comments to our Franchisor who sets the price and portion size, but in the mean time, please do follow our facebook page at for timely special offers and redeemable vouchers. Thank you once again for your patronage, and we look forward to see you again.