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Himawari Japanese Restaurant (Alexandra Road)

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Himawari’s renowned Japanese ala-carte buffet with over 80 different dishes which includes shabu shabu has gain awards and recommendations from local media such as The Straits Times, Wine & Dine as well as with Japanese publication, Shin Nichi Ho. Take your pick of fresh Sashimis, Sushis, Makis and main courses. Already a crowd pleaser with its Japanese fan base, Himawari is fast gaining popularity among discerning Singaporeans who has high expectations of Japanese Cuisine.

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

$50 based on 21 submissions
Buffet (5 votes), Dinner (3 votes)

Nice buffet!

The buffet at Himawari is nice for a change of pace to regular buffets.

There is a nice variety of food, and you don't get that super-full heavy feeling after eating that you get after most buffets, as it's Japanese.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • sashimi3 votes
  • beef dishes1 vote
  • chicken wings1 vote
  • mochi1 vote
  • sabu sabu1 vote
Based on 21 votes
12 Dec 2014 • 12 reviews • 2 followers

Nice buffet!

The buffet at Himawari is nice for a change of pace to regular buffets.

There is a nice variety of food, and you don't get that super-full heavy feeling after eating that you get after most buffets, as it's Japanese.
24 May 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Above average overall

I made a booking prior so we were quickly shown to our table and we were given hot green tea immediately which I liked. The salmon sashimi was fresh but the rest of the sashimi I.e. the tuna, swordfish and kingfish were questionable. We ordered the potato croquettes which were excellent along with the yakitoroi. He nabiyaki udon soup base was a little bland and tasteless as was the deep fried soft shell crab. overall the service was good the salmon is fresh and the price was reason $+09 for two including 2x 150mL sake
25 Nov 2013 • 100 reviews • 8 followers

Generous amount, satisfied taste bud

Went there for lunch, recommended by a friend. I was wondering what was so good about this when the restaurant is just half empty.

As I was waiting for my set lunch, the crowd started to come and before I knew it, the place was packed!

I waited in anticipation for my set and I was not disappointed from the generous portion of sashimi. Most importantly, they are fresh! Oh yum!!

Am going for the ala carte buffet lunch next month after seeing positive reviews about it. Will come back with another review :)
18 Oct 2013 • 296 reviews • 15 followers

Good Japanese Buffet

Himawari is as good as it gets when it comes to Japanese food done buffet style. The food won't win any excellence awards but the standards are better than most, and with over 80 dishes to choose from, there is something for everyone. The sashimi is thick-cut and the hand rolls come chock full of ingredients. More unusual offerings include natto (fermented soybeans) with tuna or squid, grilled salmon head, Japanese salads and generous portions of grilled meat. The service however, leaves much to be desired. Opt for the premium buffet, and you get a one-time order of uni (sea urchin), ootoro(tuna belly), oysters and other premium morsels. The oldest (and most reliable) outlet is the one at Alexandra Road. For more best buffet reviews, read here*gid-fc280400/photos/#3cdf0700
18 May 2013 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

great food

I have seen this place come a long way. I think I visited this place way back in 2008. That time, I was presently surprised to find a place which serves ala carte buffet with sashimi and sabu sabu and (there's one more i cant remember). At that time, the restaurant has very few customers. We get to sit very near to the chef and we can see him cut the fish. It was something very homely. At that time, the potato croquette was very good. Now it's not so good and they do not recook it. :) But other dishes made up for it.

If you are a sashimi lover, look no more. This is the place to find cheap and fresh sashimi. You can order all seven types of fish and they will serve the sliced fish beautifully. I can't remember all the types of fish.

Usually, for Jap buffet, most of the time I will not try the cooked dishes... e.g. chicken wings, grilled salmon, tempara, beef... etc. But most of the dishes are fantastic. The chicken wings was fried with sesame seed... it's very fragrant. The beef was of good quality. The steaks, grilled or soya sauce cooked were all cut to perfection. Lovely. The taste was good. You just can't stop eating the beef.

The mochi tasted very much like the jap homemade... I can taste the glutinous rice. Good effort. Try green tea or mango.

The service now is not as good as before. And please make sure you make a reservation for Friday nights and weekends to avoid disappointment (I was disappointed once)