35/35A Scotts Road, 228227
Asian, Nonya, Nonya / Peranakan, Peranakan
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Daily: 12:00 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

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Indocafe - The White House is a Peranakan themed cafe offering hig tea daily with delicious savoury bites.

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Masak assam prawns
Masak assam prawns
Lovely restaurant
Lovely restaurant
Delicate serviing of acar, salted fish chutney
Delicate serviing of acar, salted fish chutney

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Indocafe is NOT an Indonesian café

Total Reviews: 44

Good-looking dining room, with a classy ambience. The Peranakan dishes are generally nice even if they're not top notch. Don't opt for the buffet, as the selection does not include several of the Nonya specialities, like ngoh hiang, ayam buah keluak, fish head kari, etc. They even have a decent wine list. Some say the house is haunted, so maybe you shouldn't go for a late dinner.

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Peranakan communal style dinner

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 180

Tonight the four of us were having the restaurant week dinner at this restaurant. Menu was Peranakan communal style at $38++ per person. We arrived 7.15pm at the restaurant, and was told that food was still not ready as our reservation was 8pm. In the end we were being served dinner at 7.40pm.

Bok Nee Salad Wild
'Wood Ear' black fungus salad with sambal dressing
The dish was served icy cold. It tasted crunchy and spicy. Surprised to find it in a Peranakan style meal as it looked more chinese style to me.

Kueh Pie Tee (a la carte $18++)
Crispy 'Top Hats' pastry cups with shredded turnips, served with prawns, crabmeat and homemade chili dip
The shredded turnips was well cooked and full of flavours of the minced seafood in it. The pastry cup was light and crispy. It was everyone's favourite dish of the meal.

Ngoh Hiang (a la carte $16++)
Crispy homemade five-spiced pork meat roll wrapped in soy bean curd skin and deep fried
Although it looked quite dark, the meat roll was soft and moist inside, with lots of meaty texture inside.

Babi Pongteh (a la carte $18++)
Pork belly braised in fragrant soya bean paste and aromatic spices
Served with potato, the dish was well flavoured without being too salty. However the group felt that the pork belly was not braised tender enough.

Wagyu Beef Rendang (a la carte $28++)
Slow cooked Wagyu beef cheeks in INDOCAFE’s special blend of spices
Another great dish of the meal. The beef was very tender and torn easily. The sauce was rich but also quite salty too. One must have rice to go with this dish.

Kari Ikan
Cod fish fillet served with authentic Nyonya gravy
The fish was firm and chunky, and went quite well with tangy spicy sauce.

Sambal Terong
Stir-fried eggplant in spicy sambal chilli
The juicy eggplant was a great combination with the meaty spicy chilli sauce.

Chap Chye (a la carte $14++)
Penang style braised mixed vegetables with pork skin and prawns in fermented bean curd sauce
After the excellent vegetable and seafood mixture in Kueh Pie Tee , this one kind of disappointing as one cannot taste the minced shrimps in it. The dish could braised a bit longer as the vegetables were still not soft enough.

Lastly we have assorted kueh for dessert. The Rainbow Lapis was too firm and lacking of the usual chewy texture. The Ubi Kayu was smooth and not too sweet. One of us like the Pandan Lapis very much, although I felt it was similar to the Rainbow Lapis.

Overall the food was delicious, except that the dishes were mostly served warm and not hot. As the dishes were heavily flavoured, one will also tend to drink a lot of water to wash down the meal. As the meal was communal style, everything was served all at once, from the appetizers, to the main courses, to the dessert. With no waiting between dishes, the meal was done with within an hour.

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Eat here for a very good overall dining experience.

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 5| Service 4
Total Reviews: 780

This old British Colonial house on Scotts road just has a character that no newly built hotel or restaurant can compare,  except perhaps Raffles.

The dining rooms are wide, quiet and built to absorb sound with nooks and cranies for table settings.  A must do for Romantic Peranakan dinner.

Food:  As a Peranakan,  I am quite hard to please when dining Peranakan food.  The follow dishes were exceptinoal:  The prawns masak assam (cooked in a sour spicey sauce),  large prawns were used in a well balanced pineapple, assam, tomato, tumeric, lime, gracy.  Delicious to the last drop.  The beef rendang was well prepared, soft and tasty, not too spicey.  We ordered white rice and the buah keluak fried rice.  Tasty but not enough buah keluak taste - my preference is for Nasik Rawon. Kueh pai ti was also well served and with crab meat with a good chilli and dressing.  The cod fish sour and spicey style was well made, but the serving could be larger.

I would avoid ordering the chap chye,  it is just not stewed adequately with stiff and hard soy bean skin,  lacking in taste. 

Value:   Prices are high for small portions,  so be prepared to pay for good food.

Ambience;  Outstanding.

Service:  Quietly good and unobstrusive.

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Major Disappointment

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 5| Service 4
Total Reviews: 4

This is a beautiful place with decent service. Unfortunately, the food is a major let down and does injustice to the location or ambience. The execution was extremely poor despite the use of quality ingredients, such as low grade wagyu beef and garoupa. The Refreshing Prawn Mango Salad was anything but refreshing, with overcooked prawns and mango slices that were too sour for consumption. The Kacang Panjang Tempoyak came with very stiff and tasteless beans and prawns that felt like it has been left overnight for days. The chap chye was bland and even below the standard of what you will find in run of the mill penaraken buffets. The Chye Buey came with a overwhelming pungent smell of raw pork. The White Chocolate Lemongrass Bar was a sugar overkill without much by the way of cocoa or lemongrass undertone. The main courses of beef and groupa were barely passable. We would not have mind it if this was served at the hawker center or budget cafe, but this is unbefitting of what is supposedly a fine dining establishment, even at what is supposedly a heavily discounted price of $95. Simply one of the worst meal we had in the past 4-5 editions of restaurant week where we have had more than 50 meals. We will not step foot again in this establishment.


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