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When one mentions the House of Seafood @ 180, our fresh wholesome catch from the ocean and our awesome, exotic, tasty and mouth-watering crab dishes come to mind. From its humble beginnings at Joo Chiat Place, the restaurant is still serving up the finest range of seafood and the most delicious and appetizing crabs to its customers. Our trusted reputation has been built from years for being the best in quality and taste. People from all walks of life enjoy the fantastic goodness and freshness of our delicacies.

Come experience the freshness of seafood and indulge in the delights of crabs full of ocean goodness!

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different crab flavours
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Love the Salted Egg Crabs

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 25

I’ve been to House of Seafood at Yio Chu Kang Road many times, both when it was at 180 and 36 Yio Chu Kang Road. In those visits I have tried 4 types of crabs they have to offer, namely the signature, famous Black Pepper Crab, Chilli Crab, Creamy Butter Crab and the Salted Egg Crab. Of the 4, the runaway winner for myself is without doubt the Salted Egg version.

There are 2 main types of Salted Egg Crabs ($50) in seafood restaurants; a deep fried version with salted egg battered onto the shell and another like how House of Seafood does it, creamy and not unlike butter crabs but with a thicker consistency and the added saltiness that elevates the dish. At places like HOS where the Salted Egg Crabs are delightful, I often find that the butter crabs do not match up as they taste like a pale version of the Salted Egg counterparts.

As for the other crabs, the Chilli Crabs have a watery sauce that places it below par in comparison to other seafood establishments, while the Signature Black Pepper Crab is indeed excellent with an ink-black sauce that is spicy but does not overwhelm. However, not being a fan of black pepper, the Salted Egg Crabs and Fried Mantou ($0.60 each) are easy choices when I am at HOS and the party I am with often leave the plate squeaky clean.

Service wise, while there have been many complains on forums and food reviews, my friends and I have experienced nothing but helpful, friendly staff members. Kudos.

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$11.80 groupon crabs, cheat money

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 90

So I bought 3 Groupons for House of Seafood crabs, seeing that they supposedly sold thousands on Groupons. I couldn't find any reviews on these "Groupon" crabs and figured that since 2,000 people have bought them, it should be pretty safe to try them. But I was wrong. 2,000 other people were cheated AS WELL!

So as you can see all 3 Groupons were redeemed immediately after I handed them over to the staff that evening.

And after the meal, they still charged us a hefty sum at almost another $12 per crab for GST and service charge, making each crab $24!! 

Their menu is a huge heavy magazine/booklet with the huge picture that says, voted best black pepper crab. We decided to try, one butter, one black pepper and one tang hoon. But the waitress insisted to get 2 crabs of the same flavour because she said they were very small, but out of the 3 of us, only 2 of us eat crabs, so we said we wanted to try 3 different flavours. It took some persuasion and she finally let us have 3 different flavours. Sounds like nasty sales tactics here.

We ordered the honey chicken which was said to be their best seller, but the chicken was abit dry.. Nothing fantastic.

The worst of the 3 crabs, the meat was hard and was very different to get the meat off the shell as the meat was constantly stuck on the shell.. The sauce was too peppery, and we didn't enjoy it. This crab took us ice ages to get the meat!! So not worth the time and effort.

Compared to mellben or uncle leong, this tasted very garlicky and the colour looked more like salted egg sauce, it didn't have enough sauce for our fried mantous. But this was fresher than the black pepper crab. The sauce had the right about of sweetness and saltiness. But uncle leong or mellben is still way better this.

The freshest and biggest of the 3 crabs. Each groupon crab was supposedly 400-600g but this one you could tell from the top shell that it was at least 700g or so.. The sauce disappeared quickly as the noodles soaked up the sauce, and the noodles were nice and there were mushrooms in there. The noodles ended up tasting very peppery as the sauce dried up. The waitress was courteous enough to serve us the noodles as they saw us struggling to serve the noodles, whilst all our fingers messed up with crab sauce. Although we did pay a hefty price for their service indeed.

Fried mantous were priced at 70 cents each but they were not freshly fried and once you place your order for the mantous, they come out in a split second. It's quite upsetting that they're not crispy. At least they're not oily either.

Our spread for 3 people. $36 Groupon  + $50 payment worth of food.

Located on the 3rd floor of upper serangoon shopping center.

The whole shopping center looks pretty dead and you can see that this is pretty much the only shop opened on a friday night.

All in all the crabs were not all fresh, and we felt cheated by the ridiculous service charge and GST. One time is enough, never coming back here. Uncle leong is so much more value for money!

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Don't even bother!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 3

Haven't been to House of Seafood since the days they were at Yio Chu Kang. Those were glorious days I agree. The black pepper crabs were glittering and the crabs were succulent. I remember those valet parking days. Helluva fun. Years after, now at Serangoon Shopping Centre, I paid a visit again to reminisce the black pepper crab. After a dismay experience at Joyden just the day before, somehow I was not very hopeful for something exhilarating. Anything good will be a bonus, I said to myself. I went, still, with a very open mind. So here was the order:- her zor (prawn fritter), black pepper crab (must have right), salted egg crab, steamed garoupa, white bee hoon, seafood cucumber casserole. Guess what, the formula for the black pepper sauce was still prevalent. Sadly, though, the 1.2kg crab was not up to the mark. It was fairly hollow and flesh was weak. So sad. Fortunately, though, the 1.3kg salted egg version was solid. At $56/kg I am not able to accept a 50% offering of success. The her zor was at best ngor hiong (can't really taste the prawn) and the seafood casserole? What seafood? its some tiny prawns with low grade sea cucumber and canned clam shells. No squid. No sliced fish. Not that I missed it though, after tasting stale, yes stale, sliced fish from the white bee hoon. The 'seafood' casserole was $30 for a super tiny pot. If they were treasures it would have been fine. It wasn't. The garoupa was, thankfully, fresh. A good 900g at $9/100g. At $81 per garoupa, my heart would have stalled if it wasn't edible. The bill came to $336 for 3 paxes. No, we did not have vouchers. Ouch. But, hey, it's an experience. At least I know, for sure, that it's not worth spending here. Why? It's restaurant price for kopitiam quality. Would I be back? No way.

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