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(Closed) House of Seafood @ 180 (Cosford Road)

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30 Cosford Road, 499550
Asian, Beer, Chinese, Local, Seafood, Singaporean
+65 67469000

Daily: 17:00 - 23:00

$56 based on 31 submissions
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When one mentions the House of Seafood @ 180, our fresh wholesome catch from the ocean and our awesome, exotic, tasty and mouth-watering crab dishes come to mind. From its humble beginnings at Joo Chiat Place, the restaurant is still serving up the finest range of seafood and the most delicious and appetizing crabs to its customers. Our trusted reputation has been built from years for being the best in quality and taste. People from all walks of life enjoy the fantastic goodness and freshness of our delicacies.

Come experience the freshness of seafood and indulge in the delights of crabs full of ocean goodness!

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worth spending

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

30 cosford road in fact is not that difficult to find. Is worth to travel all the way from jurong to changi just to try out the 'pepper crab'.... we are not disappointed... food are delicious... we spent about $25 per person... worth spending... enjoy the ambience.. relax... out of town...


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Dirty Gazebo + Lousy Food + No Accountability

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

The standard of food at this place has dropped a lot !!! My family of 10 adults and 4 children managed to sit outdoor at the gazebo and the food was served quite quickly. While we were eating ... a lizard suddenly dropped onto the centre of the table. We looked up and saw that it could be from the dirty lamp that was hanging from the centre of the gazebo. There are dead leaves, insects and something looking like a dead bird in the lamp! OMG! Photographs were taken and when we asked to see the boss, the captain told us that the boss is uncontactable and did not apologise, he just say he will clean the lamp after we leave. I will be reporting this matter to the NEA. For patrons who want to visit this place, I can tell you the food is not worth the effort to travel so ulu and far. If you choose to sit at the gazebo, remember to check for the dirty lamp and be prepared for mosquitoes attacks.

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You're not missing out on anything

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 29

A little seafood restaurant tucked away in the corner of Singapore, well perhaps not at the most promising place - just right beside changi prison. They have created this into a laid-back dining style accompanied by an indoor typical chinese restaurant like round tables. The outdoor seats are under tents, generally private and isolated. Some outdoor tables are well-lit while others, despite the attempt, remains poorly lit. An industrial fan is usually installed for the outdoor seats blowing downwards, which hopefully chases the mosquitoes away.

On my recent and first visit, I had the opportunity to marvel at such a concept of dining under a huge tent. Let's rewind slightly to the parking. Given that the restaurant was not full that evening, parking was already an issue. The number of "legal lots" were countable - less than 10 - and cars were parked simply along the roads outside the restaurant. Imagine if the restaurant was packed.

We were ushered to our tent which was thankfully equipped with a notification system that allows us to get the server's attention. (The tent was rather isolated) Oh and its so near the airport that every 5 -10 minutes, you'll hear a plane take-off. However as the night went on it, the runway was not as utilised. I was then informed that the runway was not Changi's main runway but generally used for planes flying in some less popular direction. So these take-off was disruptive initially but thankfully, it quietened as the night went along.

We had the pleasure of trying 1) salted yolk crab; 2) the famous pork ribs; 3) steamed fish; 4)french beans and 5) fried tofu.

I do find that the food was generally sweetened with loads of sugar, even the vegetable dish! The pork ribs varied in size and was not distinct in taste but the meat was tender. The steam fish was a let down, overcooked and well once again, no distinct taste. I guess living up to its name (螃蟹之家), the salted yolk crab dish turned out well. The crabs were cooked in a sauce which tasted like salted yolk mixed with flour, sugar and butter instead of the typical strong salted yolk taste which you might find elsewhere. While this was a good dish, we were disappointed that despite the crab being huge, one of the claws' meat shrank and there was virtually no crabmeat in it.

Overall, I would not recommend anyone who stays anywhere else but the east to travel all the way for this restaurant. This place is not spectacular but mediocrely satisfying. You're not missing much!

However they do have other branches elsewhere, i.e. along yio chu kang road, if you really want to try this restaurant.

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