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Review for iSteaks Grillhouse


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23 Jun 2014 • 246 Reviews • 1 Follower

surprisingly delicious steak

hotos and more:

*this has now moved to the second floor of myVillage, just 5 minutes away.

surprisingly delicious steak, and well-cooked at that, at this rather casual steakery in myvillage at serangoon gardens. it’s a rather cleaned-up, modernified take on what was previously a coffeeshop western stall (a rather local phenomenon of asian-interpreted fried western foods dished up good and cheap), with service courtesy of rather-friendly aunties and good food couresty of great ingredients and some impressive-cooking.   it’s not nearly in the same league as the rather more renowned, poshy steakhouses – but it does pretty well in its class, rather much more impressive than aston’s, to my thinking.   it’s not entirely gourmet, even if it’s rather satisfying for a weekday meal. it’s now our weekday go-to for steak, and rather a compelling reason to eat local (an exception to that variant of murphy’s law that states you usualy end up eating far, far away from your own neighborhood).
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After Work, Ala Carte, Cheap Eat/Budget, Children/Family, Hidden Find, Large Groups, Relaxed, Vibrant/Noisy
  • good, pink steak
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