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Reviews for Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao


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Address: #B1-202, The Forum, Resorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway, 098138
12 Nov 2015

Nice place for a meal in RWS, excellent service.

Was looking for a place for dinner after a full day in Adventure Cove and decided to try out imperial Treasure.  We were greeted at the entrance and when they found out there were 8 of us, they asked if we could finish within 90 minutes (the table was reserved when we got to it) which we had no issues with.

Service was excellent from the start, with the waitresses advising us to seat children against the inside wall for safety.

We ordered:
Drunken Chicken - Good
Braised pork - Excellent
Spinach with Broad Beans - Good
Yong Chow Fried rice - Excellent
La Mian with Beef Chilli - Very spicy but good
La Mian with Five Spices - Good
Veg Spring rolls - average
Fried Buns - Good
and of course, Xiao Long Bao - Excellent

Do note that they charge for plain water and towels.
Must Tries
xio long bao, La mian, braised pork, yong chow fried rice
Average Spend
$182 for 8 pax
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Excellent Service And Great Food

Full Zi Char - Imperial Treasure Group (La Mian Xiao Long Bao) review here

Part of the Imperial Treasure Group, La Mian Xiao Long Bao is an offshoot branch that specialises in La Mian, Xiao Long Bao and dim sum wanton dumplings, but also serves typical Chinese Zi Char dishes. As a fine dining restaurant, Imperial Treasure Group (La Mian Xiao Long Bao) hold itself to high standards, consistently winning awards or placing among the top / best restaurants in Singapore.

Service at Imperial Treasure Group (La Mian Xiao Long Bao) is excellent. Befitting a Chinese Zi Char restaurant of this standard, staff are well trained, knowledgable about the menu, able to provide recommendations, polite, observant and efficient. The drawback; some of them are unable to converse in English, though all staff do have at least a basic understanding of the language. So while you can speak to them in English and they understand, some staff (not all) can only reply in Mandarin Chinese.

The Sauteed Egg White With Fish Meat And Conpoy is a beautiful and light eggy dish, with strands of fish and scallop, given a sharp tang with dash of vinegar. Consistency is somewhere between a soup / broth and a thin gravy.

The Lamian With Five Spice Marinated Beef features the signature hand crafted and pulled La Mian, which are both thick and soft at the same time, though it tended to clump together slightly. The beef was thinly sliced but well seasoned and flavourful, though I felt they could have provided slightly more slices of beef.

The house signature Xiao Long Bao Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumpling features hand crafted skin that is thick enough, yet yields easily with a bite. The broth within is rich and meaty in taste, and the meat is well packed and flavourful. Excellent, really one of the best Xiao Long Bao Shanghai Steamed Pork Dumpling I've had in Singapore!

Nice Xiao Long Bao at Sentosa Casino

Nice Xiao Long Bao - Thin Skin and super hot - my favourite. One of the best Xio Long Bao I ever hadLa Mian was excellent - noodles was nicely cooked and the soup was delicious. Not so much MSG taste - at least I did not had the MSG allergy after having the la mian. Service was excellentWill go back again for the Xiao Long Bao...


good Chinese food

Looking for a place to welcome a new colleague, I decided to stick to the old recognisable brand name of Imperial Treasure.

A slightly dark setting, it creates a little of a mysterious atmosphere once you enter the door.

Down to the food, we started with their famed xiao long bao, which was quite good - served at a good temperature that could be consumed immediately with a tasty pork broth in the dumpling and minced pork which has a slight meaty after-taste.

 I also tried the sea cucumber. I liked that it was not as soft but had a firm texture and did not have the gooey feeling upon each bite. Showed that the restaurant sources for good quality ingredients.

I also tried the kung pao chicken. Good level of spiciness and sweetness - American style if you ask me.

Can't step in here without trying the la mian - and so I went with the chicken soup option. I loved the chicken soup - really good soup stock. I liked the la mian tasted fresh and the combination was a tasty treat. Another la mian worth trying is the onion oil la mian. Think of it as the Chinese version of the aglio olio.

For dessert, we had the fried banana fritters. This was deep fried and then dipped in icy cold water to harden the batter to create a crispy caramelised bite that surrounds the mushy banana mix inside.

Overall, the quality of the food was very good. Service was acceptable. Food (except the dessert) came out quickly and the place thrives on efficiency and turnover. In summary, it was a pleasant dining experience.