Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant (ION Orchard)


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Great soup base. Reasonable service.

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 15

I'm making a direct comparison against it's close competitor Hai Di Lao (Clarke Quay).

- Soup base wise, Imperial wins comparatively.
- Ambience is good for big group dining, as you definitely get some privacy with the semi/full partition layout of the restaurant.
- Food quality similar to HDL. Each have their strengths.
- Service. HDL wins easily but this Imperial outlet is not too bad in this department either.
- Pricing. HDL is comparatively lower per head.

Still worth a go for the good soup and ambience. I'll visit the Triple One branch soon, and check out the consistency haha!

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Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
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As a steamboat lover, my friends and i had high expectations of this steamboat restaurant from the Imperial Treasure Group. Located at the prime of Orchard Road, you would expect all restaurants to uphold a certain standard of hygiene practice. We ordered quite a substantial amount of ingredients as we were all famish and we ordered both the traditional pork bone soup as well as the spicy mala soup base. We were happy with what was served at first, until shortly after we started tucking in, I spotted something in my pork bone soup that didnt look like any of the ingredients we had ordered. I lulled the foreign ingredient up and realized it was a short strand of hair. We notified the waitress attending to us, and she just simply said, 'Oh okay' and proceeded to walk away. As we didnt want to kick up a huge fuss, we decided to let it be. I then refrained from eating from the tainted pork bone soup. As we continued eating from the spicy mala soup portion, shortly after, my friend exclaimed in horror! Another short strand of hair was lulled up. This time it was lulled up from the spicy mala soup base. Disgusted and annoyed. We notify the waitress again.The waitress simply replied us with, "Oh Sorry, later i'll give you a free dessert ok?". Is this honestly the best service recovery your restaurant can offer after making us lose our appetite? Yes, they had our soup changed after our second complain and then we found a fly sandwiched in between the raw scallops that we've ordered. By then we have all lost our appetite after what had happened and couldnt finish what was on the table after. On top of all that had happened, we still had to pay $210 for the trauma and dissatisfied meal. No discounts were even offered to us.I would strongly suggest that NEA should drop a visit to their kitchen as I am sure proper hygiene practices were not carried out for all this to happen. Patronize this restaurant at your own hair-risk! 

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The service was really horrible.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Summary: THE WORST SERVICE QUALITY EVER! McDonalds has better service quality than here!

I visited Imperial Treasure Steamboat on 10th Aug 2014 around 2:30pm
They told us they are going to close at 3:30pm and we thought 1 hour should be enough. I didn't know that was the exact starting point of the disaster.

1. Slow service
We ordered their set menu and chose pork and beef. those two meat dishes were not ready even when we finished almost everything else.
I thought something was wrong and checked with their service staff and they brought it after like, 5 minutes.
Those are just sliced meat prepared in advance, ready to serve. I don't understand why it took such a long time to get our meat and it totally ruined our lunch.

2. Staffs are not attentive and distracting
Since we were sitting at the corner seat, I had to call them 5 times every time when I wanted something. And they totally ignore you when you call them.
Overall, Service was really the worst for my 3 years experience. I think Mcdonalds has better service standards than here.

3. Preparing for the Dinner Time
Probably their staff are busy due to short-handed situation. However, they were keener to prepare for the dishes and table settings than giving us proper level of service. Everybody was just focusing on putting plates and chopsticks and spoons on other tables and they were also keen to take away our set of sauce and sesame oil.

4. Taking-away your food
Even before you finish the dish, they just take away your dish with some food left, without even checking or asking to you.
So be careful, if you don't leave much food on the plate, they will just take it away from you!

5. Food Quality
Soup base is just okay. Ingredients are not that good.
Overall, not impressive at all.

I am really disappointed from their level of service quality, their lack of professionalism and everything they presented as a restaurant.
Any other Hot Pot or Steamboat place is better than here. I seriously don't recommend here to anyone.

If you want to try better hotpots, please choose anywhere but here.

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One will never forget about tomato soup steamboat

Total Reviews: 316

Not a single change that they allowed me just to walk in.  Perhaps, one and only chance, without any booking.  As the time passes, they are getting more customer to patron their eatery. And if I have craving for their steamboat, I needs to book in advance.  At that time, I don't know any other place have any tomato soup base.  Even there is, it's not an easy to have savoury in not over sweeten tomato.  This eatery place really makes it just nice, after put other raw food, the essence of this soup was splendid. That I am always the last one ended up drinking it.  Kind of wasting such a delicious soup if not drinking to finish it.

They do have private rooms available with the minimum spending coverage.  I had the thinking that I am in Shanghai, as their deco and setting are quite posh. 

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Horrible service from Ivy

Food/Drink 3 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

I visited Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant at Ion on 8 Feb around 9:20pm. I asked the staff what time they close, to which she said 10:30pm. So I said ok estimating that 1 hour was enough. I was seated by another staff (Staff B). And when Staff B left my table to their working counter, I saw and heard clearly a 3rd staff (I later found out her name is Ivy) scold Staff B quite loudly in Mandarin: "We're closing at 10:30! Why did you let her in?!" to which Staff B defensively said "It wasn't me who let her in." Staff B hurriedly came to me and said they're closing at 10:30pm, do I have enough time. I said ok. After she left me, Ivy also came over and warningly said they're closing at 10:30pm so I better order fast. By this time, I was rather annoyed and told her Yes I know, i was waiting for my spouse to arrive; which he did less than 5 min. later.

We ordered immediately by 9:30pm. The food came promptly but we waited 15 min for the soup to get ready, which frankly, is quite long for steamboat. 

We managed to finish and was preparing to leave by 10:30pm. The restaurant was still at least a quarter full, with customers in neighbouring tables still chatting. So I don't understand why Ivy came over AGAIN to remind us they're closing. Only us and not the neighbouring tables. It's like she decided it was her personal mission to prove a point to Staff B using us as an example on how to drive out customers on time. We said ok, we're almost done. Within a couple of minutes, she came again and switched off the soup heater and removed the pot. This time, I couldn't help but point out the neighbouring tables were still eating so why is she so concerned with my table getting out on time? She just glared at me and walked off with the pot.

We went to this restaurant for a special occasion and the experience with Ivy totally ruined our night. And yes, when we left; or in my opinion got chased out at 10:30pm, the neighbouring table was still eating. 

Food wise, we found the quality more or less acceptable although a little on the pricey side. So if you are a masochist who enjoys paying a high price for bad service, by all means visit this restaurant and don't forget to request to be served by Ivy. 

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