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Back to Itacho Sushi#B1-05, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street
 • 01 Mar 2014 22 reviews 0 follower
tacho Sushi has very tasty and fresh sashimi & sushi. Most of their sashimi is skylift from oversea so it price slightly expensive but worth. I have tried their salmon belly sashimi, it is soft, fresh and sweet, this is best sashimi! I have tried another sashimi - Yellow Tail sashimi, it is thickness and fresh. it is taste sweet while i was chewing and I not feel fishy at all.

Beside that, their salmon belly sushi and eel spring roll is good. The salmon belly sushi is soft and fresh, eel spring roll is great when both eel and lettuce assorted make perfect double-layers tastle. The other dishes like Curry Lobster Warship, Roasted Salmon with Cod Fish Sushi, Roasted Squid Leg Sushi, Salmon with Soy Sauce Sushi, Roasted Eel Sushi taste good but nothing special, you can get similar taste from other Japanese restaurant.
 Their blue fin tuna, it is softy and less sourness. The swordfish is chewing, meat like crispy, has little sweet and quite unique taste.

Must tries: Salmon Belly, yellow tail, yellow tail sashimi

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