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Located in Marina Bay Sands on Bayfront Avenue, Jean-Philippe Darcis serves chocolates and other sweet treats.

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Pretty entrance!
Pretty entrance!
whoops..... remembered to take photos only halfway through this dessert.  The original looks much be
whoops..... remembered to take photos only halfway through this dessert. The original looks much be

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A good balance - but not freshly baked

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience N/A | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 375

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The shop is famous for its macaroons and chocolate - but too bad I ah beng like big colorful flashy things - and the cupcakes caught my eye. I ordered pistachio cupcake, got pearls on it one lor. I ah beng but gay, so like pearls lor. I bought and ate as I was walking, shopping, because I was waiting for my date to knock off.

I followed my Big Bro to New York to do some mafia business before, so I ate the famous Sex-and-the-city Magnolia Bakery cupcakes before. Compared to the Magnolia cupcakes, Darcis's cupcake was much less sweet, which is very good. I always thought cupcakes are too sweet in general, making it very jelak. So Darcis's had a good balance of cream and sweetness. Since cupcakes are muffins with wigs, the muffin part of the pistachio cupcake is chocolate based. I thought its texture was in between the heavy, dense German bread and the light, fluffy Japanese cake. Again, another balance. But the cupcake didn't taste freshly baked. It could have been awesome. Wasted.

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far from expectations

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 259

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Darcis has opened at Marina Bay Sands for more than a year where it is is better known for their macarons. Not being fans of macarons, this probably failed to entice us to make a trip over to MBS to try out the confections offered by Darcis. Until recently, we decided to try out the store for its hand made gourmet chocolates – our first box of 9 pralines and 2 truffles.

There were only 2 alcoholic flavoured chocolates available at Darcis - Bailey’s Praline and Truffle Champagne. Sadly, both chocolates were lacking in alcoholic taste and aroma. The Bailey’s was a hard shell praline which contained a soft consistent caramel cream, which was not overly sweet. However, the distinctive caramel flavour, seemed to overshadow the alcoholic vapours, resulting in no detectable hints of whisky. The Truffle Champagne was an equal disappointment with champagne solely lacking. In fact, we could not appreciate the truffles in general. Besides the Truffle Champagne, we had the Truffle Chocolat. Both did not have the typical smooth, sticky and dense chocolate truffle texture and flavour but one akin to whipped cream. As such the truffles were very light and airy. The Pistacia did not meet the mark either. The fillings were mostly made up of chopped pistachio packed and held densely together by sticky transparent gum, reminding us of the Turkish pistachio snack. It was not satisfying as a chocolate confection.

The Diamant would be ideal for those with an extremely sweet tooth. Once the outer diamond like shell was broken, the soft creamy caramel oozed out to fill the mouth cavity. The Tourelle is a white chocolate praline with almond truffle. The crispy rice bits within the almond truffle added much texture to the chocolate. Our favourites were the pralines with the almond paste centre, namely the Darcis Noir, Dacis Lait, Valencia. These three almond paste pralines were testimonial of the quality Belgian chocolates that Darcis is capable of offering.

Not all the chocolates which we intended to try were available at the point of visit. We were however not pleased with the service staff at Darcis who did not seem to know what chocolates were available and gave us different chocolates from what we requested for. We felt cheated as we realized only much later during consumption that the chocolate flavours did not turn out to be those which we wanted.

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Good for tea but not desserts

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 9

The pot of French Kiss tea (~$9) was really fragrant and I might go back to get a can of tea leaves.

My friend and I ordered this ice cream dessert (~$9) which was hazelnut ice cream + vanilla ice cream + caramel sauce + crispy hazelnut bits + some chocolate garnish. It looked impressive, but tasted horrid because the nuts weren't fresh. I hate the mildly rancid flavour of nuts that have been lying around for too long. Vanilla and hazelnut ice cream were okaaay but the nuts ruined it. Sigh. At least the decor was pretty.

Service was ok. The waitress was fairly attentive but her colleague was too preoccupied with his iPhone when I was trying to get him to settle the bill.

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