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Reviews for Jollibee

Richard Navarro

Comfort Food

The first time I heard that Jollibee will be coming to Singapore as a Filipino I was excited.

I queue for 2 hours just to taste the chicken and it is the same as what they are serving in Philippines plus the chicken gravy that sometimes it becomes a rice sauce rather than a chicken sauce. Spaghetti sauce has a hint of difference but it's small that you don't bother. Sundae with hot fudge is very good. I always wonder why their vanilla ice cream is not purely white.

These days, queue only goes long in lunch and dinner. If you don't want to queue better go around 9am as there is no queue at all.

Hopefully they add the breakfast meals as I crave for their Longganisa all the time. And also hoping that they open one near in East Area.
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02 Sep 2014 • 29 reviews • 1 follower

Quiet speechless

I enjoy fried chicken as much as any other girl. which means quiet a bit when i get a good one, but i wouldent wast calories of bites on sub par fried chicken

Jollibee's chicken was terrible, an artificial taste was in the batter and the sauce was so sickeningly sweet, i felt like puking after one bite

The ambiance is like a regular fastfood place, but there are horriblely maintained corners in the restaurant..

01 Sep 2014 • 15 reviews • 0 follower

not the jollibee i am expecting

it is not the same fried chicken we are getting from the jollibee philippines. i heard a lot of people are wasting time falling in line so I said it might be worth it but it is not. I will just for my next schedule back home to have my ultimate jollibee meal!
29 Aug 2014 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

not authentic

this not like the jollibee in the philippines. they are just riding on the popularity of the original jollibee. but then the taste of their food is fair and ok.