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21 Aug 2013 • 111 Reviews • 1 Follower

Jollibee ChickenJoy in Singapore

Mrupupup on one fine weekday evening walked to Jollibee to try out their popular chicken and other fast food items on the menu. Check out the photos:   The Jollibee Singapore is located at Lucky Plaza #06-048A (at Orchard Road). Ok, the queue was crazy but not as crazy as it first opened. Mrupupup queued for about half an hour during that evening.

 This Jollibee Singapore outlet is said to be the busiest outlet in the world. Jollibee is from Philippines and has established over 800 outlets in the world. Well, the food seems appealing to everybody. Mrupupup tried the ChickenJoy consisting of two pieces of chicken, pack of rice and potato sauce ($6 plus), spaghetti (apparently it is quite famous and popular) about $4. Both food items came with a soft drink. The chicken was good, tender and not too oily (like KFC) and quite juicy. Mrupupup also first time tried chicken meat with rice, normally eat chicken with french fries or mashed potato. The spaghetti was interestingly sweet and nice but the portion was quite small.
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