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Review for Kombi Rocks Diner


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12 Jul 2014 • 4 Reviews • 17 Followers

bad service, unclean food!

The diner was quite empty when we visited.
Staff slammed the drinks on the table,  which surprised us.
I noticed white dots and furry remnants (which looks disgusting, like larvae) on one of my leaves. My appetite lost instantly, and i wondered whether the vegetables were being washed. 
I couldn't get any staff attention, cos the pretty thai staff was just playing with her phone while the other ignoring me at the counter. 
Worst,  i was given the explanation this is normal. Really?  s*** on my vege? When i disagreed, he just gave a half hearted sorry.
No remedy,  no compensation. 
I feel stupid paying him for the food and service. Not stepping in again,  tyvm

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